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Tea Time with Katina and Leah

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By Katina Strauch and Leah Hinds


Got a great note from Tom Gilson! He likes “Tea Time with Katina and Leah”. He also reminded me that we interviewed SUCHO awhile back and might want to add a link to the interview in our next post. ATGthePodcast 163 – SUCHO: Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online. Tom is the master of all the interviews!

Moving on, let’s celebrate independent booksellers week! Now in its 17th year, Independent Bookshop Week (IBW) runs between 17th–24th June, seeing booksellers host an array of celebrations for their communities in store, from author events and publisher collaborations to sunflower plant give-aways. It’s exciting to see hundreds of customers supporting bookshops everywhere.


Speaking of which, I ran across a bookstore I should have known about already but I didn’t! Called Southern’s. I ran into a great book about Southern’s called “Once Upon A Tome: the misadventures of a rare bookseller” by Oliver Darkshire (Norton, 2023) and it’s delightful! I remember way back when the Charleston Conference was invited to an antiquarian book fair in Charleston so this charming book brought back memories! Highly recommended!

IOP Publishing has launched a new open access environmental research journal, Environmental Research Energy.  ATG recently interviewed Tim Smith, Head of Portfolio Development at IOP to tell us more. Be on the lookout for this in an upcoming issue of ATG!

Some local news. Clemson is getting South Carolina’s first veterinary school after the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the $285 million College of Veterinary Medicine on June 22.  My niece Vicky is a veterinarian who works in North Carolina.

I’ll bet that y’all are watching or have watched James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small on BBC which ran 90 episodes. What a scrumptious series!

Charleston’s International African American Museum

And there’s more! The new International Africa American Museum (IAAM) is opening this week in Charleston! I hope we can put a tour of this ground-breaking facility on the program for those of you who are attending the 2023 Charleston Conference!

Just got off the phone with Oliver Smalls who for many years worked in the Robert Scott Small Library’s Special Collections Department. He also helped with the College of Charleston’s Antiquarian book Fair. Oliver and his wife and family are doing very well as is Special Collections!


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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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