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Against the Grain v34#4

From Your (exercising) Editor:

Well, I am now out of the user unfriendly “boot” may it thrive on someone else.  Now I have to do more and more continuous exercises of muscles I never knew I had!

Meanwhile, Holly Francis and the Team at Adam Matthew have put together a great issue about finding hidden narratives in primary sources.

Articles are by Justin Bengry, Director, Centre for Queer History, Goldsmiths, University of London, is writing on the topic of “Archiving Queer Lives.”  Deidre Joyce, Head of Digital Stewardship and the Digital Library Program, Syracuse University, has written on the topic “Introducing an integrated model for the digital library.”

Sam Ellis, University of Leeds, is writing on hidden voices within colonial nomenclature for the Himalayas, specifically Everest.  Lindsay Gulliver and Erin Pearson-Wilberry, are writing a piece called “Amplifying Hidden Voices in Primary Source Databases.”

We have a fantastic Back Talk from Jim O’Donnell about Monsoons of all things.  We here on Sullivan’s Island have had nothing but rain for an entire month, but no sign of monsoons.  Still Jim’s monsoons sound (sort of) like fun! 

We have the usual great columns appearing — Reader’s Roundup, Booklover, Learning Belongs in the Library, The Digital Toolbox, Let’s Get Technical — and Mike Gruenberg has returned with a Both Sides Now column!  

This time I want to introduce Ashley Krenelka Chase who has competently taken over Legally Speaking, this time about Antitrust.  We also are trying out a new cartoonist Jonny Hawkins.  His cartoons bring a smile to my face! 

Our interviews are with Martha Fogg (Managing Director Adam Matthew Digital) and Linda McGrath (Executive Director of eBound, De Gruyter).

OOPs, my doorbell just rang!  Another cheery physical therapist!  Plus the SUN is out!  Incredible!

All of y’all have a wonderful fall and beginning of the school year!

Love, Yr.Ed.  


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