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Submit a Photo and You Could Win a Travel Grant to The Charleston Conference

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…or a $50 Amazon gift card

by Camille Gamboa, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Director, SAGE Publishing

For about a decade, SAGE has organized a photo contest that awards one travel grant and five (or more) gift cards to runners up (or runner ups?). All winning photos are featured in the calendar given to Charleston Conference attendees (2022’s is pictured below). This year’s theme – just announced – is, “Show us how your library innovates.” Submissions reflecting that theme are welcome through September 15.

Winners will be selected based on quality, creativity, and how well the innovation theme is depicted in the photograph. And the innovation need not be largescale or revolutionary. It just needs to depict how your library experiments, redefines, and reimagines to improve support for your patrons.

Here’s the best kept secret about the contest: with few exceptions, most years we have had few entries, so almost everyone is a winner! And while quality is part of the judging criteria, I would guess that 90% of the winners are taken by amateur photographers on their phones. And screenshots are welcome, too. So we hope you will consider snapping a pic and sending it in.

For more information, including instructions for submissions, visit the SAGE website.


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