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Against the Grain V34#3

I was just walking from one room to another and tripped over a ledge! Who would have guessed that I broke my tibia (load-bearing bone) in my good right leg!  There’s so much to learn!  These PT and OT people are really fabulous!

Anyway, the team has continued to work on ATG for June and what a great issue it is.  I did not realize the reach of the John Cotton Dana Award and have learned so much.  This issue, “Library Marketing – Using Technology, Tools and Tenacity to Showcase Your Library,” highlights the winners of this year’s JCD award and what academic librarians can learn from them.  Guest edited by Kathleen McEvoy, Vice President of Communications, EBSCO Information Services, there are contributions from libraries across the country.

Articles include a Q&A with Kandace Foreman, Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications at the DC Public Library;  discussion of how Spartanburg County Libraries improved census participation;  Fort Worth Public Library’s Amplify 817 music-streaming platform designed to promote Fort Worth-based musicians and allow the community to find local music and listen to it for free;  how Edmonton Public Library revitalized their central library during the pandemic shut-down;  and tips to run a successful John Cotton Dana Award campaign from previous winner Anchorage Public Library. 

We also have another installation of the “And They Were There” reports from the 2021 Charleston Conference, organized by column editor Ramune Kubilius (Northwestern University) and a report on the Council of Science Editors 2022 Meeting from Heather Staines (DeltaThink).  ATG Interviews features three engaging conversations with Kerry Ward, the Executive Director of the American Library Association’s new division, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures;  Alicia Wise, Executive Director of CLOCKSS;  and Joanna Ball, Managing Director, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

And last but not least by any means, our Back Talk column this issue is from the inimitable Ann Okerson and features personal and professional updates, including coverage of the Charleston In Between session on the Ukraine conflict.  “OK, deep breath: There are lots of things about how this world is changing that are terrifying and appalling.  Even librarians can’t do everything that needs doing, but we can do some things and it’s impressive to see how well our community is rallying.”  Well said, Ann!

Well, I just got a call from my orthopedist and have an appointment tomorrow!  Hooray.  Hope there is good news.  Meanwhile, y’all have a great hot summer!

Love, Yr. Ed.  


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