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If Rumors Were Horses: Rumors For The Week of March 16

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Ukrainian refugees waiting to board buses. More than 2 million Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have fled their country. March 8, 2022. – (Photo by Louisa GOULIAMAKI / AFP) (Photo by LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Rumors weeks of March 16-23

We have all been absorbed in the war in the Ukraine. But not quite like Ann Okerson!  Over the past months Ann and a group of friends have been going flat out, trying to bring some of her Ukrainian family to the US however possible (all of Ann’s relatives live in Kyiv — the only relatives she has in the world since her parents and she immigrated from there many years ago). The two immediate target people are Ann’s cousin, with whom she’s been very close; and the cousin’s daughter (Ann’s goddaughter) who’s 8+ months pregnant.  Many long and complicated arrangements have been made, the most important being medical: arrangements for prenatal care, hospital delivery, postnatal care …. with so much more to be done.  Amazingly Ann is also trying to keep up with work essentials, and these things together make for long days, as you would expect. All our best wishes, prayers, and thoughts are with you, Ann, and your resilient family. Godspeed!


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