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From Your (relieved) Editor

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Against the Grain V34#1

WHEW!  I am relieved because we have finished with the final print issue of ATG and with this issue are moving to virtual only issues.  I am here to tell you that it was not as easy as I thought it would be.  Learning something new is fun and all that, but there are a lot of strange hoops to jump through and new processes to learn! 

This issue is about eBooks in Academic Libraries, Part 2.  It is guest edited by the incredibly flexible David Gibbs (Sacramento State University).  Our feature articles cover the Publisher/Aggregator perspective and are by Kara Kroes Li (EBSCO, about challenges and opportunities), Melissa Fulkerson (Elsevier, about evolving as a STEM publisher), John Lenahan (JSTOR, about the not-for-profit perspective, and Andrea Ferro (Casalini Libri, about acquisition and the user experience).  Corey Seeman has come up with some great reviews, and Donna Jacobs is intrigued with the sound of words and takes us back to the very first “Booklover” column! 

We have two fascinating interviews in this issue as well.  Jared Oates, Co-Founder and COO of Niche Academy, talks with us about their learning management system that delivers training packages, and what that looks like in the academic library environment.  We also have a conversation with Marjorie Hlava, President of Access Innovations.  Margie started the business in 1978 and is still on the cutting edge of technological innovation today!  She’s a frequent industry presenter, and says about attending conferences and meetings, “Attending builds your network faster than any other way.  It is far better than just social media…  You are also much more focused and less distracted at a conference — you’ll learn more.  The serendipitous conversations are priceless.  It is an opportunity to learn and to contribute to the profession.”  We hope many of you are able to return to Charleston for the conference this November for those reasons and more!  And if you need more reasons, the Francis Marion Hotel recently published a blog post with some delicious looking new restaurants and bars within walking distance of our conference headquarters:  https://www.francismarionhotel.com/new-sights-bites/

Last but not least, don’t miss Jim O’Donnell’s “Back Talk” column, the second installment of “My Glorious Library Career.”  Jim reminisces about a college work study job with Professor Fine in the Classics Department for a whopping $2/hour!  Wow!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!  Love, Yr.Ed.  


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