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The Art of Open Web Curation: Tools all Librarians Can Use

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This webcast was recorded live on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Slides (PDF)

Session Description: Gary Price, better known as the creator of INFOdocket and ARL’s Day-in-Review, and now INFOdj, has a well-deserved reputation for finding the timely ‘info gems’ of the open web and sharing them with communities across scholarly communications. But how does he do it? Can we get a peek behind the curtain, and see how Gary systematizes the identification, distillation, sharing and archiving of these open resources that can be so valuable to students, professors or communities of interest on the campus or beyond? Gary’s fellow INFOdj, Curtis Michelson, will facilitate a fast-paced and fun session which provokes Mr. Price to ‘give up his secrets’ and tell all!


  • Gary Price, Co-Founder, INFOdj.io; Creator of INFOdocket and ARL’s Day-in-Review
  • Curtis Michelson, Co-Founder, INFOdj.io; Founder & Principal, Minds Alert
Curtis Michelson (Left) and Gary Price (Right)


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