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If Rumors Were Horses: week of 2-14-22

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Happy Valentine’s Week! I decided to make a Valentine’s salad – orange slices, avocado, strawberries, poppy seeds, honey, salad greens, green onions, feta cheese, and whatever was lying around in the fridge! I think this will become a tradition.  

Caught this article on Feb 16 – Italy’s Publishers Report a Crisis in Paper Costs, Art and Travel Books. This was the feature article in Publishing Perspectives by Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | Publishing Perspectives 

Against the backdrop of the 39th seminar of the Scuola per Librai Umberto e Elisabetta Mauri program, recent bulletins from the Association of Italian Publishers (Associazione Italiana Editori, AIE) have brought into relief new and specific pressure points for the proudly resilient Italian publishing market.

The primary concern, as laid out in an ItaSenate hearing by AIE on Tuesday (February 15) is focused on sharp hikes in costs in both raw materials and energy, the publishers’ association reports, threatening the beleaguered market with what one communiqué calls “a risk of a reduced supply of books and magazines, delays in deliveries, possible price increases for the reading public, and serious problems for educational publishing.”AIE is working with two sister associations—Associazione Nazionale Editoria di Settore (ANES) and Federazione Carta Grafica, respectively the National Association of the Publishing Sector and the Graphic Paper Federation. Together, the three trade organizations are calling on Rome for a tax credit on purchases of paper used for publishing. That tax credit is intended to offset the quickly rising costs of paper. publishing perspectives.com.

Dennis Duncan’s “Index: A history of the” is a book that was just published by Norton. A recent Wall Street Journal article “A War at the Back of the Book” is fascinating. I remember a debate among authors about whether or not an index is important in the digital age. We have keywords everywhere, don’t we? Why an index? The article begins with a discussion of William F. Buckley’s memoir when he ran for Mayor of New York and how he gave the book to some of his sometimes friends.  How many times have you turned to the index to see who is mentioned or even if maybe you or your institution is mentioned? I know that most fiction does not usually have indexes. Why not? 

Was talking to the lovely  Rita Ricketts about the potential sale of Blackwells to the group which owns Waterstone’s and several other bookstores. Waterstone’s is now owned by Elliot Management Advisors. The effervescent Toby Blackwell is still alive and is the primary shareholder with 30%. This story is far from over!

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe is everywhere, I hear that, ready to get out in the world again, she is going to Researcher to Reader and Fiesole  In her spare time she has posted a great discussion of the state of the Version of Record on the Scholarly Kitchen https://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2022/02/14/the-state-of-the-version-of-record/

The Version of Record was also discussed by Sam Burrell (67 Bricks)  in her report from the APE (Academic Publishing in Europe) conference in January 2022 that was published in The Charleston Report for February 2022.


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