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ATG Book of the Week: Digitization and Digital Archiving (Practical Guides for Librarians, 71) Second Edition

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TITLE: Digitization and Digital Archiving (Practical Guides for Librarians, 71) Second Edition
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Leggett
PAPERBACK: 978-1-5381-3334-7, $65; eBook: 978-1-5381-3335-4, $61.50
IMPRINT: Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2020

“To help new archivists and genealogists with what can be a daunting process, Digitization and Digital Archiving: A Practical Guide for Librarians answers common questions, including:

1. What should be stored?
2. Where and how should it be stored?
3. How exactly is information stored in a computer?
4. How does copyright law affect archiving?

5. How can metadata be used to improve collection access?

“This revised second edition has been updated to address new trends and the latest innovations in technology, including:

1. A brand-new chapter addressing different common types of born-digital materials which a librarian may need to archive, such as databases or websites
2. Information about identifying and gathering data from floppy disks, an increasingly important task as this technology ages and its data becomes at greater risk of loss
3. Fully updated chapters to address the latest changes in file storage and formats, including more information on the storage of audio and video media
4. Interesting information about the origins of different common technologies to help the reader better understand the past, present, and future of computer technology

“This is a comprehensive guide to the process of digital storage and archiving. Assuming only basic computer knowledge, this guide walks the reader through everything he or she needs to know to start or maintain a digital archiving project. Any librarian interested in how digital information is stored can benefit from this guide.”


Traditional archives have been slow to preserve born-digital primary resources with the same vigor, care, and understanding as their tactile cousins. That trend is changing at last, and with increasing awareness of the need for personal archiving of everything from iPhone photos to email, Leggett’s book provides a practical resource for amateur and professional alike. This updated edition perfectly balances new technologies with time-tested methodologies. From this digital archivist’s perspective, Digitization and Digital Archiving: A Practical Guide for Librarians, Second Edition is far more useful for one’s personal library than any other single resource to date.
— Kopana Terry, Archivist, Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History & Curator of Newspapers, Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program, University of Kentucky Libraries

Leggett’s guide on the practicalities of digitization and digital archiving is one of the better introductions into the often-overwhelming world of digital librarianship. From the eccentricities of archiving born-digital materials to the logistics of selecting and using various necessary equipment, Digitization and Digital Archiving: A Practical Guide for Librarians, Second Edition offers practitioners from all areas of librarianship a solid foundation for exploring and understanding digitization.
— Matthew C. Mariner, Digital Collections Manager, Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver

Elizabeth R. Leggett has written a thorough examination of the history, ideas, and practices of digitization and digital archiving. This valuable resource will guide readers along the path to understanding no matter where they are starting from.
— Joy M. Perrin, author of Digitizing Flat Media


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