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Afternoon Plenary: Charleston Premiers

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Moderated by Darrell Gunter. the popular Charleston Premiers session 5 minute previews of new and noteworthy products, platforms, or content.

  • Cadmore Media: Multimedia publishing made simple and accessible. Disseminates large volumes of content and has a content management system. :
  • Overdrive: New content options. Zinio–world’s largest newsstand for magazine content. Quello concerts–full-length music films ad documentaries. ArtistWorks.com–videos from students so they can get feedback. Indieflix–independent film from around the round–selected from over 2,500 film festivals. Universal class–lifelong learning tools. LearnItLive–training, Q&A peer discussions. Craftsy–lesson plans, recipes and templates through creative hobbies. LawDepot–online legal document services..
  • Ground News: A news comparison platform and lateral reading tool.across various sources. Idt includes a bias distribution chart. Filter bubbles and a Blind Spot Feed provide access to stories that are under reported and which sources are covering a story.
  • Lean Library Futures: puts the library into users’ workflows. It streamlines access, enhances discoverability, and promotes the library as a destination that the user should come to. Library support use grows when discovered and delivered at the point of need.
  • Technology From SAGE: :Technology makes learning and research easier, removes barriers. Users can engage, discover, and access content using technology from different businesses. Access to the library is simplified, and OA content, allows librarians and users to digitize, search, and present the library’s archival collections It also provides resource list management that connects faculty with library holdings, and offers collaborative annotation between faculty and students.

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