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V33#4, September, 2021 Table of Contents for Against the Grain Online Articles on Charleston Hub — www.charleston-hub.com

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Don’s Conference Notes: Charting a New Course: The 43rd SSP Annual Meeting by Donald T. Hawkins — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/06/dons-conference-notes-charting-a-new-course-the-43rd-ssp-annual-meeting/

ATG Interviews Emre Hasan Akbayrak (Atilim University) by Matthew Ismail — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/08/atg-interviews-emre-hasan-akbayrak-director-kadriye-zaim-library-atilim-university/

The Innovator’s Saga: An Interview with Jake Zarnegar (Hum) by Darrell W. Gunter — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/09/the-innovators-saga-an-interview-with-jake-zarnegar/

Op Ed — “If You Ask Me” Censorship from the Left: Changing Perspectives on Intellectual Freedom by Robert Holley — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/08/if-you-ask-me-censorship-from-the-left-changing-perspectives-on-intellectual-freedom/

Wandering the WebInformation available on Substance Abuse Disorders by Carol Watwood, MLS, MPH (Western Kentucky University Libraries).  Column Editor:  Jack Montgomery (Georgia Southern University Libraries) — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/09/wandering-the-web-information-available-on-substance-abuse-disorders/

Amazon’s Book Publishing Juggernaut:

Part 1- Amazon Expands Their Operations & Market Research by Nancy K. Herther — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/07/amazons-book-publishing-juggernaut-part-1-amazon-expands-their-operations-market-research/

Part 2- Perspectives From Successful APub Authors: Jeff Deaver by Nancy K. Herther — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/07/amazons-book-publishing-juggernaut-part-2-perspectives-from-successful-apub-authors-jeff-deaver/

Part 3- Perspectives From Award-Winning Writer Robert Dugoni by Nancy K. Herther — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/07/amazons-book-publishing-juggernaut-part-3-perspectives-from-award-winning-writer-robert-dugoni/

Part 4- Catherine Ryan Hyde Takes Her Readers on Journeys Across the Globe and Inside the Lives of Ordinary People by Nancy K. Herther — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/07/amazons-book-publishing-juggernaut-part-4-catherine-ryan-hyde-takes-her-readers-on-journeys-across-the-globe-and-inside-the-lives-of-ordinary-people/

Part 5- Amazon Opens New Opportunities For Writers, Readers and The Future Of Publishing by Nancy K. Herther — see https://www.charleston-hub.com/2021/08/amazons-book-publishing-juggernaut-part-5-amazon-opens-new-opportunities-for-writers-readers-and-the-future-of-publishing/


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