Exact Editions Aggregates Articles on Climate Change for Free Resource – Plus More ATG News & Announcements

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Exact Editions Aggregates Articles on Climate Change for Free Resource

According to Information Today “In collaboration with more than 50 of its publisher partners, Exact Editions introduced a freely accessible Climate Crisis resource page that features nearly 150 articles from digital issues that are typically available only via subscription. The publishers selected the articles, the oldest of which was published in 1989.
“Updated monthly, the page is divided into eight sections: Agriculture, Biodiversity & Conversation, Climate Activism, Climate Literature & Art, Climate Politics, Deforestation, Fossil Fuels & Pollution, and Renewable & Sustainable Resources…”

A New OER Resource: “Building Legal Literacies for Text Data Mining” Now Available From UC Berkeley Library

infoDOCKET notes that last summer the UC Berkeley Library hosted the Building Legal Literacies for Text Data Mining institute and now have “published a comprehensive open educational resource (OER) of the contents of the institute. The OER covers copyright (both U.S. and international law), technological protection measures, privacy, and ethical considerations. It also helps other digital humanities professionals and researchers run their own similar institutes by describing in detail how we developed and delivered programming…”

PLOS Extends Support for Preprint Sharing

According to the Official PLOS Blog “All PLOS journals welcome submission of papers that have been shared as preprints. PLOS was amongst the first publishers to adopt this policy…
“As well as our permissive policy on preprints, we support preprint posting by authors by partnering with preprint services that are relevant to and adopted by a journal’s community. To this end, PLOS’ new journals, which opened for submissions in May 2021, now welcome submissions directly from bioRxiv and/or medRxiv, two of the most widely adopted preprint servers for biology and medicine, respectively…”



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