ATG Quirkies: At Pizza Pacaya, the Oven Is an Active Volcano:

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At Pizza Pacaya, the Oven Is an Active Volcano is by Maria Paula Rubiano A who is a bilingual freelance science journalist based in Colombia. Her article appears in Gastro Obscura

David García checks a pizza he is cooking on a Pacaya lava river
OHAN ORDONEZ/AFP via Getty Images

The earthquake had already woken up Mario David García Mansilla, a Guatemalan cook, when he saw the “balls of fire” flying over his house. It was the night of May 27, 2010, and the Pacaya Volcano was having its biggest explosion in recent years. When García saw the burning rocks flying, he did what any reasonable person would do: look for the keys of his car, a ‘72 Volkswagen Beetle. With the volcano’s roars flooding the landscape, he talked to a couple of friends and decided to pick them up. Then, he did what any unreasonable person would do: He drove directly towards the volcano…”

“Ten years later, he has not only stayed, but he has fused his life with the volcano. The 34-year-old accountant and chef has become the first to bake pizzas on the smoking lava of Pacaya. His unconventional restaurant, Pizza Pacaya, employs two other people, and it’s located on any corner of the Pacaya hot enough to bake pizzas…”

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