ATG! The Podcast: Episode 112: Conversation With Dr. Brian King, Psychologist, Comedian And Author of “The Art of Taking It Easy”

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In today’s episode we feature audio from an interview of Dr. Brian King, psychologist, stand up comedian and author of the international bestseller The Art of Taking It Easy, How to Cope with Bears, Traffic, and the Rest of Life’s Stressors. The interview was conducted by Matthew Ismail, Director of Collection Development, University of Central Michigan. 

The world’s largest digital book club, Big Library Read, recently selected Dr. King’s Book, The Art of Taking It Easy, for their program.  Public libraries hope to incorporate humor to reduce stress for their readers.     

Dr. King received a degree in psychology before touring the world for over a decade as a comedian and the host of humor therapy seminars about how and why we experience stress and the health benefits of humor.  Dr. King tells us that the intent of what he does is to inform and entertain to help people live a happier, healthy life.   

Listen to the full Episode HERE!


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