ATG Quirkies: Bookish Exteriors: Libraries That Look Like Books

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Bookish Exteriors: Libraries That Look Like Books was written by Gianessa Refermat and appears on the BookRiot website.

“I love a good library and bookstore. I’ve covered some lovely ones in Seoul and detailed the special events and services that others provide globally. There are so many extraordinary libraries around the world. There’s a library with escalators and a bookstore with books in boats. There are libraries with a clean, minimalist interior and others that are covered from floor to ceiling in a rich, dark wood. There’s also a bookstore just for banned books and a bookstore you can run all by yourself. There are even libraries that are haunted! What else could there be to surprise me? Well, a quick visit to twitter brought me to yet another unique and beautiful library. That is: Library Les Méjanes in France. A library that looks like books…”

Click here to visit Library Les Méjanes as well as two other bookish looking libraries.


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