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ATG Article of the Week: Is Academic Research Too Hard To Read? The Academics Say Yes

by | May 12, 2021 | 0 comments

Is academic Research Too Hard To Read? The Academics Say Yes is by Porter Anderson and it appears in Publishing Perspectives.

“It’s hard to think of a time in recent memory when so many have questioned so much scientific research. Almost any guidance from public health scientists today triggers questions and challenges from citizens exhausted by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. People who don’t know an mRNA vaccine from a shot of vodka are in researchers’ faces, while government health services are continually assailed for changing the protocols and contradicting their own precautions.

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So it’s an interesting time for the United Kingdom’s Emerald Publishing—a scholarly publisher working in health care and other fields—to have issued today (May 11) the results of a survey looking at researchers’ views of how academic research is currently presented and what it might take to boost its usability.

A total 1,500 academics in an international pool drawn from more than 100 countries were queried for this study, which is of importance to both researchers themselves, of course, and to consumers of research literature.

  • The researchers, needless to say, want their work to be accessible as well as discoverable.
  • Users—as those COVID-weary mask-wearers demonstrate—want science to produce its best work in an intelligible way.

“Overall,” according to Emerald’s spokespeople today in their media messaging on the topic, “the key insight from this research is that there’s a strong desire from the academic community to change the way research is presented to make it more useable in a post-COVID world…”

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