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Tribute to Dan Tonkery – remembered by colleagues and friends

by | Apr 28, 2021 | 2 comments


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    What a wonderful group of tributes!! Thank you!

  2. Richard Winant

    While reading these wonderful tributes to Dan I noticed quite a few from Kansas. I immediately thought of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and didn’t he do a dream?

    I first met Dan while working at The University of North Dakota. He was very open and helpful. Perhaps his job but there was something more

    As the years went by, I learned like others mentioned, he was knowledgeable, willing to provide information which made me willing to provide input to him when asked. He was a true confident in that he would discuss anything but never disclose a source of information. Having served in the US Naval Security Group I picked that up fast

    My wife always said he put on the best conference parties. He knew how to entertain people and enjoy people. He had that ability to make you feel you were the only person there when he spoke with you

    My favorite story about him is the “little man”. We would play golf together and cheer each other on with a bit of competition build in. Like most golfers you had average play, poor play, and happy days good play. Sometimes Dan would struggle and then…the little man. He’d run off a number of holes of really good golf. He would say how did that happen? I started saying the “little man” came. After awhile that became our private joke. He was fun to be with

    Dan was a unique person. You miss those spirits. I think of him when I play golf and when my mind wanders. I was blessed to know him


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