Primary Research Group Inc. has published the Survey of Academic Department Chairs: Long-Term Impact of Remote Work & Learning, ISBN 978-1-57440-669-6

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This survey examines the views of 106 academic department chairs from 57 colleges and universities on the outlook for and impact of remote work and learning. The questions focus on changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and on anticipated changes for post COVID academic sessions. The study helps answer questions such as: how many department chairs and their staff are working from home and how many are working from campus? How is this likely to change over the next year? How has this developed during the pandemic?  How will this impact departmental needs for classroom, administrative and other space? How effective have department chairs been working online? How effective will they be using these methods, or not, in the near future?

Just a few of the many findings of this 67- page report are:

  • 56% of department heads in private  colleges felt that they would use distance learning more post COVID than pre-COVID.
  • Smaller colleges used distance learning to a significantly lesser extent than larger colleges during the pandemic.
  • Most survey participants expected a decline in the need for campus office space post-COVID compared to pre-COVID.
  • 29% of department chairs in colleges in the highest tuition bracket expected to use distance learning less or about the same amount post-COVID as pre-COVID.

Data in the 67-page report is broken out by many variables related to the individual survey participants and their institutions including but not limited to academic department, country, host country, tuition level, public/private status, and college type or Carnegie class.

A PDF edition of this report is currently available directly from Primary Research Group for $98.00; a print edition at the same price will be available for shipment on April 11, 2021 and can be ordered now.  Site licenses are also available. 


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