ATG Quirky: This Writer Is Tweeting Everything Sylvia Plath Ever Ate

by | Mar 27, 2021 | 0 comments

In this post in Gastro Obscura, contributor Reina Gattuso focuses on aspiring writer Rebecca Brill and her obsession with Sylvia Plath’s diaries, and how she is putting it to good use.

Feeling isolated by the pandemic lockdown in early 2020, Ms. Brill decided to revisit a favorite source of inspiration, Sylvia Plath’s diaries. As she read, she begin noticing “a contrast between the author’s public reputation and her private thoughts… and the discrepancy centered on one topic. “What really jumped out to me is how much she likes food.””
So ever since, Ms. Brill has posted a daily tweet recounting a specific meal from Plath’s diaries and in doing so reveals “a much more complex relationship to food and domesticity than portrayed in most popular depictions of Plath.”


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