ATG Quirkies: Recipes and Propaganda in a 17th-Century Cookbook

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According to Anne Ewbank, Gastro Obscura’s Associate Editor, anyone can eat like a former ruler of England. But there is only one catch. you’ll need the help of a special propaganda-filled cookbook.

Courtesy of the Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon, UK

It appears that opponents of the controversial English ruler, Oliver Cromwell, published his family recipes. However, not being big Cromwell fans, they also included a generous side of “fake news”. According to Ms. Ewbank, “while the recipes that make up most of the book are typical of the time, the anonymous editor peppered the text with political, personal, and sexual slander aimed at tarnishing the Cromwell legacy.” And for some unknown reason the writer primarily aimed his scorn at Elizabeth, Cromwell’s wife!


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