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v32#6 December, 2020/January, 2021 Table of Contents

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Rumors p. 1

From Your Editor p. 6

Letters to the Editor p. 6

Deadlines p. 6


Will this Pandemic Ever End? — Guest Editor:  Bob Nardini

Will this Pandemic Ever End? p. 1 by Bob NardiniThis is an ongoing account of how academic libraries and their parent institutions are attempting to deal with this period of historic disruption when everything that was once normal isn’t anymore.

Why Two-Year and Community College Academic Libraries Will Never Be the Same after COVID-19: An Op-Ed p. 12 by John Lassiter Old routines have been modified, but new ones have also taken their place.

COVID and Consortia: Solving our Information Challenges at Scale p. 14 by Kim Armstrong Kim asks where do we want to be after COVID?

The Small and Large of It: Leading a Team in Times of Disruption p. 17 by Erin Gallagher and David IsaakThe focus for Erin and David is team leadership, but they touch on all kinds of issues, small and large — to echo the title of their contribution.

COVID-19 and the Bubonic Plague: What Have We Learned? p. 22 by Gracemary SmulewitzPlagues have afflicted society throughout history, including in our own time.  Gracemary Smulewitz, longtime Head of Collection Services at Rutgers University, now retired, reminds us of this.

Op Ed – Web Archiving: The Dream and the Reality p. 24 by Joseph PuccioAs the numbers show, most of the websites that have been created over the past quarter century are now inactive.  What significant content has disappeared without being archived?

Back Talk — Key Notes from Charleston Conference p. 86 by Jim O’DonnellIf we’ve learned nothing in these months, it’s that there are some excellent things that we can do online.


Jack Farrell – Managing Director, Jack Farrell & Associates p. 25

Rick Anderson – Associate Dean for Collections and Scholarly Communication, University of Utah, and University Librarian, Brigham Young University p. 29

Profiles Encouraged p. 84


Reader’s Roundup: Monographic Musings & Reference Reviews p. 35 by Corey SeemanTwo types of reviews in one column.  And be sure to check out Corey’s reviewers page at https://sites.google.com/view/squirrelman/atg-readers-roundup.

Collecting to the CoreA Case Study in Creating a New Linguistics List p. 41 by Adam SiegelDisciplinary trends may shift, but some classics never go out of style.

Booklover — Poetry.  Renewal. p. 43 by Donna JacobsLouise Gluck, an American poet, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Oregon Trails — Reading Ulysses p. 44 by  Thomas W. LeonhardtDon’t postpone your reading out of fear you may never finish it, won’t like it, or you won’t understand it.

ATG Food + Beverage Roundup — Holiday Favorites p. 82 by Nicole Ameduri and Lisa Janicke HinchliffeNicole and Lisa know what to eat and drink!


Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking — Creative Commons and Infringement p. 45 by Anthony PaganelliCopyright owners need to be careful and diligent about the terms and conditions within their licensing agreements.

Questions and Answers — Copyright Column p. 47 by Will CrossAs always, many relevant questions and answers.  Do you need to learn more about Canadian copyright law for education?


Bet You Missed It p. 10 by Bruce StrauchWhat do Shere Hite and Traitors and Spycatchers have in common?

And They Were There — Reports of Meetings p. 49 by Ramune K. KubiliusIn this issue of ATG you will find the final installment of 2019 Charleston Conference reports.  Many thanks to everyone who submitted reports for the sessions they attended.

Don’s Conference Notes p. 53 by Donald T. HawkinsMarketing communications for libraries, SSP and the Charleston Library Conference, activating opportunities, and rethinking the status quo are all subjects from Don’s reports.


Optimizing Library ServicesVoter Fraud, COVID-19 #VaccinesKill, and Social Media Censoring: How Librarians and Educators Can Combat Fake News and Misinformation p. 55 by Prof. Nicole S. Delellis and Prof. Victoria L. RubinSocial media has transformed how we acquire news.

Both Sides Now: Vendors and LibrariansAdvisory Boards p.58 by Michael GruenbergCompanies that pay heed to what the customer wants are likely to be more successful.

Biz of Digital — Comparing Apples and OrangesPrioritizing Digital Collections p. 60 by Mikala Narlock and Peggy GriesingerThis is about the University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh library’s attempt to standardize digital collections workflows.

The Digital Toolbox: Case Studies, Best Practices and Data for the Academic LibrarianAcademic Libraries Further Embrace eBooks as Demand Increases During COVID-19 Pandemic p. 63 by Steve RosatoThe closing of physical campuses and libraries had accelerated how academic libraries utilize digital collections.

Random Ramblings — The Used Book Market: Changes for Libraries p. 65 by Bob HolleyOverall, the market for used books will continue to decline but will not disappear entirely.

Marketing TouchpointsMarketing Planning When Nothing Goes as Planned p. 67 by Jill Stover HeinzeOne of the most immediate and notable effects of the pandemic are the changes in work and services.

Squirreling Away: Managing Information Resources & LibrariesPuzzling Times: Libraries & Life in the Age of COVID-19 (Libraries & Change Management) p. 80 by Corey SeemanCorey talks about puzzling times and how he longs for the libraries of old, when we had more demand than space.


Emerging Tech: To Be or Not to Be p. 69 by Deni Auclair and John CorkeryThis includes an interview with Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe.

The Innovator’s Saga — An Interview with Peter Stockmann p. 72 by Darrell W. GunterIn this issue Darrell has invited the Managing Partner of Gamut Strategies and SVP of Areopa to discuss managing change.

Let’s Get Technical Meta-Appearances: Metadata Futures, Collaborations, and Aesthetics p. 76 by Jesse A. LambertsonThis article calls out opportunities for TS (technical services) to team with PS (public services) for the user.


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