ATG Quirkies: Inside the World of British Brickophiles

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In this post, Atlas Obscura contributor Karen Chernick focuses on the humble practice of British brick collecting.

Available via Wikimedia Commons

Evidently, devoted aficionados are drawn by the sometimes ornate indentations embossed on the top side of each brick. not to mention the stories they tell about Britain’s Industrial past. According to Ms. Chernick, collections range from the highly impressive Henry and Mary Holt collection comprising some 7000 individual bricks to the more modest collection of Jason Harris numbering a mere 400.

Regardless of the size of the collection, brick preferences vary and are very personal. Ms, Chernick notes that “there are no set rules that cement what makes one brick more precious than another.” In short, there seems to be almost as many reasons to collect bricks as there are collectors.

Needless to say, it’s a unique and fascinating story that is well worth checking out.


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