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The Top 10 Library Stories of 2020 – In this article, Andrew Albanese of Publishers Weekly looks back at the library stories that captivated the publishing world this year — and what they portend for 2021

(Steve Morgan via Creative Commons)

As you would expect, COVID-19 occupied center stage as Mr. Albanese noted that “nothing compares to the Covid-19 pandemic that has so far claimed some 300,000 American lives, and in March forced a historic nationwide mass closure of public spaces, including libraries.”

But he goes on to discuss a number of other major library stories including some that may be familiar to you and others that may have escaped your attention including:

  • How library workers took a stand amid the rising fear surrounding the pandemic and “effectively shifted the focus to issues of worker safety and well-being.”
  • The impact the Black Lives Matter movement had on the historically white profession of librarianship.
  • How Macmillan defended, then abruptly ended its library e-book embargo.
  • Library e-book lending surged to record circulation levels in large part due to COVID-19.
  • The Internet Archive finds itself in court sued by four of the big publishing houses.
  • A Canadian publisher calls public libraries a “Net Harm” to literature – librarians clap back.
  • Two state bills propose “Parental Review Boards” for public libraries—and jail for librarians who defy them
  • Library leaders praise senate confirmation of Trump’s pick to lead IMLS; Trump then renews his bid to eliminate the agency
  • Tracie Hall becomes the ALA’s first African American woman to serve as executive director

Please click here to get the full details and read the entire article.


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