Closing Session and Poll-a-Palooza

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Session summary: 458 ;people joined the closing summary and wrap-up, which was a long-time Charleston favorite, the Poll-a-palooza! What were the trending topics? Major takeaways? Pithy quotes and most talked-about statements? One vendor is reported to have said that for one week a year, Charleston is the smartest place on the planet. Do you find yourself brimming with pithy questions, fresh opinions, ardent beliefs, and a renewed spark for libraries at the close of the Charleston conference? Are you hungry for insight and a sense of shared experience? Join us to participate in another rousing wrap-up!

The session will use polls to engage the audience. Topics will vary based on conference sessions, your submissions, and various whims. You will be entertained, engaged, and well-fed, all in the spirit of conference camaraderie and general rabble-rousing. Your brains will be undoubtedly full from the conference, but save a little room for a slice of insight and knowledge on how your views compare with those of your peers. You will leave feeling invigorated, merry, and harmoniously connected to your fellow conference-goers.

Here are screenshots of the questions asked by Athena. For most of them, some or all of the answers are shown.

Unfortunately, time ran out so no responses could be sent to this final question.


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