ATG Quirkies: Is it Normal to find an Onion in your Pocket?

by | Nov 15, 2020 | 0 comments

According cookbook author Deborah Madison, the answer is yes, at least if you are a true foodie.

And she should know, having written some fourteen cookbooks. But finding odd vegetables in your pocket is only partially what it means to be a food person according to Ms. Madison. In this brief excerpt from her new book An Onion In My Pocket, posted in Literary Hub, Ms. Madison talks about how she first became fascinated by food when as a teenager she realized that “food could be something good and compelling.”

Of course, her desire to become a chef, cookbook author, and leading authority in vegetarian cooking didn’t happen overnight. In this compelling memoir Ms. Madison looks back to when it all started as she searches to discover “what matters when it comes to food.”

Check out this excerpt to get a taste of what the whole book has in store.


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