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Innovative Staffing Models at Academic Libraries
Guest Editor:  Barbara Tierney

Innovative Staffing Models at Academic Libraries p. 1 by BarbaraTierneyThis issue provides examples of innovative staffing models from libraries at six different universities.

The Engaged Librarian Framework at The Ohio State University Libraries p. 12 by Craig GibsonA concerted discussion on the future of the liaison librarian role.

Engaged Librarianship at the NC State University Libraries p. 16 by Shaun Bennett, Karen Ciccone and Hilary DavisHiring for skills gaps, collaborative work across library units, and blending liaison roles are some approaches discussed. 

Full Speed Ahead: From Basic Subject Librarian Model to Engaged Librarian Model at University of Central Florida Libraries p. 20 by Barbara TierneyA basic Subject Librarian service model was initiated which ensured that every student and faculty member had a one-stop librarian to support all library-related facets of their teaching, learning, and research activities.

Weathering the Storm: Continuing Essential Services at an Academic Library During a Global Pandemic p. 24 by Andrew SeeDescribes how this library was one of the few to remain open during the pandemic.

Innovative Cross-training and Cross-functional Staffing at a Small Liberal Arts University Library p. 28 by Sue Erickson and Amber GruszeczkaCross-training, cross-functional assignments, and a backup system made it possible to make the most of a small staff of five full-time librarians. 

Libraries and the Importance of Being Ambidextrous p. 30 by Jill MarkgrafCreating a library makerspace while increasing efficiencies, consolidating services, and reducing hours.

Op Ed – Marketing Touchpoints- How Active Listening Can be a Tool for Proactive Change p. 36 by Jill Stover Heinze —  Successful marketing is predicated on the ability to seek and address people’s needs in relevant ways.  Listening is hard work, and it’s a skill that can be improved but rarely fully achieved. 

Back Talk- Zooming to Charleston p. 86 by Jim O’DonnellA great conference is like a great party!  The Charleston Conference brings many of us back year after year!  See you in 2020 virtually! 


Reader’s Roundup: Monographic Musings & Reference Reviews p. 38 by Corey SeemanTwo types of reviews in one column.  What we are doing continues to morph and grow as the very nature of reference works and some monographs change.  We have great reviews in this issue!  And be sure to check out this page that Corey has created for his reviewers: https://sites.google.com/view/squirrelman/atg-readers-roundup.

Collecting to the Core — Media Literacy in the Post-Truth World p. 45 by Stephanie Alexander“Post-truth” was named the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries in 2016.

Booklover — Poetry Pandemic Parity p. 47 by Donna JacobsSome will say that crisis can be the catalyst for an author’s best work.

ATG Food + Beverage Roundup — Charleston, SC p. 74 by Nicole Ameduri and Lisa Janicke HinchliffeWe were able to include our favorite foodies’ column in this print issue but be sure to check out their last column available online-only at www.charleston-hub.com/.


Lars Bjørnshauge – Directory of Open Access Journals p. 33

Profiles Encouraged p. 80


Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking — Issues for Libraries Regarding COVID-19 p. 48 by Anthony PaganelliThe recent class action lawsuits by students demanding refunds from the spring semester that was cut short due to closures and institutions that are moving to all online courses in the fall is adding pressure to higher education.

Speakers Discuss COVID-19 Issues for Law Libraries p. 51 by Bill HannayWhile the focus was on law libraries, many of the points discussed are of relevance to academic and research libraries.

No Good Deed Goes Unsued! p. 52 by Bill HannayThere remains much more art than science to the “fair use” analysis and a continued emphasis on the touchy-feely concept of fairness.

Questions and Answers — Copyright Column p. 53 by Will CrossAs always, many relevant questions and answers.  This issue discusses several cases still being argued about technical interoperability and fair use.


Bet You Missed It p. 10 by Bruce StrauchWhat do the Bettmann Archive and Bill Gates have in common?  Read it here!

The Scholarly Publishing Scene — In the Midst of the Pandemic p. 55 by Myer KutzTimes have changed, of course, and during the current pandemic, the old conventional wisdom may no longer hold.  There’s the Internet, after all.

Random Ramblings — Reflections on 11+ Years of Random Ramblings p. 56 by Bob HolleyA lot of reminiscences!

And They Were There — Reports of Meetings p. 58 by Ramune K. KubiliusIn this issue of ATG you will find the fourth installment of 2019 Charleston Conference reports.  We will continue to publish reports throughout the year.


Optimizing Library Services — COVID-19 Response: Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University p. 60 by Prof. Mary Beth LockThe response from the academic library community, which gave us the freedom to rethink how copyright restricts us, and the vendors that generously opened previously restricted access to electronic resources in this unprecedented time also added to our ability to provide the access our constituents needed.

Biz of Digital — Preserving the Photographic Memory of Mobile, Alabama p. 63 by Kristina PolizziDespite the setbacks from the databases and the safety negatives, the library has made great strides in digitization projects of the at-risk collections.

Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians- Learning to Live With COVID-19 p. 65 by Michael GruenbergThis virus has been a game changer in both our personal lives and our business life, as well.  And a game changer all over the world.

Squirreling Away: Managing Information Resources & Libraries-Building a Hospitable Library – Even When No One is There:  Libraries & Change Management p. 77 by Corey SeemanCorey shares his experiences with moving during the pandemic!


Emerging Tech: To Be or Not to Be? Digital Science’s Dimensions: Leveraging the Data p. 66 by Deni Auclair and John CorkeryAn interview with Digital Science CEO Daniel Hook about Dimensions and how it supports academic institutions while possessing capabilities of serving all industry stakeholders.

The Innovator’s Saga — An Interview with Leslie McIntosh p. 69 by Darrell W. GunterIn this issue Darrell interviews Leslie McIntosh the CEO of Ripeta.


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