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Here’s a piece of good news! Brigham Young University Academic Vice President Shane Reese has announced the appointment of the  industrious and enterprising Rick Anderson as university librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library. Rick succeeds Brian Rennick who has been interim university librarian since December 2019 following the passing of university librarian Jennifer Paustenbaugh in November. The appointment was effective September 1. As we all know, Rick has been serving as associate dean for Collections & Scholarly Communication in the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah. “Rick’s wealth of experience in libraries at other universities will prove a blessing to our students as he leads the library into the next phase of its development,” Reese said. Rick has worked previously as a bibliographer for YBP, Inc., as Head Acquisitions Librarian for the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and as Director of Resource Acquisition at the University of Nevada, Reno. He also serves as an unpaid advisor on the library boards of numerous publishers and organizations including biorXiv, Elsevier, JSTOR and Oxford University Press. Rick received his bachelor’s degree in family science and his master’s degree in library and information science from BYU. (Oh! And be sure to give a listen to the recent ATGthePodcast interview with Rick that Leah Hinds and Tom Gilson hosted.)

Got a great email the other day from the tireless dynamo Gary Price. Gary is disappointed as we all are that we will not be in person in Charleston this year. The Charleston Conference was a highlight for all of us!  Still, Gary and effervescent Curtis Michelson are interested in reprising their open tools session that they have done in Charleston for the past three years. Also, in the past few weeks Gary has started to produce a daily roundup of news and new resources (in addition to infoDOCKET of course) for the Association of Research Libraries. Gary has been doing some consulting work for ARL for the past couple of years which included passing along news, resources, etc. for use internally. Since sharing with different groups was becoming a challenge, Gary decided to prepare an afternoon email and forward all of the material at one time  to organize and save everyone time. ARL asked Gary if they could share his information with members and the public and of course Gary said yes. Voila! After a couple of weeks, the “ARL Day in Review” became available via email. There may be some overlap with infoDOCKET but there is plenty of new information! We can subscribe to the ARL Day in Review. 

ARL Day in Review:

Email Subscribe (Check “Day in Review”):

The Board of Directors of Amigos Library Services (Amigos) is pleased to announce that Miguel Figueroa will serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of Amigos Library Services beginning September 14, 2020. In concert with the Board of Directors, Miguel will provide leadership for one of the largest library cooperatives of public, academic, state and special libraries in the United States. Figueroa will lead a staff of 23, administer an annual revenue budget of $14 million, and oversee diverse membership programs that include Consulting and Education Services, Member Discount Services, SimplyE, Association Management Services, Online Events by Amigos and an extensive courier program as well as related resource sharing programs for members. Most recently, Figueroa served as Director of the Center for the Future of Libraries at the American Library Association. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Knowledge River Program, an initiative that examines library issues from Hispanic and Native American perspectives, receiving an MA in Information Resources and Library Science. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, in English and history, from Arizona State University. Miguel steps into the President and CEO position vacated by Alan Kornblau:

Pearson has appointed a new CEO. Andy Bird, former president and chairman of Walt Disney International, will take over as chief executive on Oct. 19. He will replace outgoing CEO John Fallon, who announced in December that he would retire this year. Bird has also served as a non-executive director at Pearson and was appointed to the board on May 1, 2020. Bird’s appointment to CEO is subject to shareholder approval.

Interesting article recently, “Publishers’ Lawsuit Against Internet Archive Continues Despite Early Closure of Emergency Library,” by Matt Enis. “Although IA discontinued the unlimited simultaneous lending model on June 16—two weeks before the Emergency Library was originally scheduled to shut down—and from the beginning had offered publishers and authors a way to opt out, the lawsuit is still in progress and may ultimately impact IA’s ongoing digitization efforts.”  A definite must read article!

Along with everything else, my email was recently hacked! What a nightmare! Please ignore any messages from me asking for money or an Amazon gift card or any help. It is all spam. I am horribly sorry! You all have met the Wizard Matt Branton who works for the Charleston Conference and ATG and is our IT manager. He came to Sullivan’s Island right away to tackle the problem! 

I guess everything has a silver lining! I have connected with many people that I hadn’t contacted in a long time when they wrote to ask if an email I sent them was really from me! 

It has been so great to hear from you all!

In the next few paragraphs, I will share just a few of the news that I learned because of the spam messages! 

Remember Mitchell Davis and his lovely wife Farrah? They have moved to their Bird Farm & Nature Retreat outside of Hot Springs and are selling the house in Charleston. They are trying to get back to Charleston every 4-6 weeks for a few days. Mitchell has been able to get work done online (he says that BiblioLabs is finally profitable and has been growing fast post COVID so there is a lot of work to do). Mitchell says he is loving no business travel. Also Michell and Farrah are creating an art gallery up in Hot Springs and some of Bruce’s art work is in there.

The industrious Rossana Morriello is working hard to finish her book on digital collections that is due to the publisher by the end of August. After that, she hopes she will be back writing for the Rumors blog! Please send us some information, Rossana! How can we order a copy of your book?

He’s always up to something! Industrious John Dove took a two-day bicycle trip from Boston up to the State of Maine [just over the small bridge on Rt. 1A so John could say that he made it.]   His wife Gloria drove up to the Courtyard Marriott on the border so they could enjoy the first night away from home since February.

Horticulturalist Alicia Wise, Senior Publishing Executive & Consultant. Information Power (Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom) was digging a new flower bed despite the hot weather! Good growing to her plants.

In the midst of the current pandemic,the resourceful Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour moved his entire family from their place in NYC to a house in Hershey, PA (the chocolate city).  By next Sunday they will be moving back to NYC since their son’s school in Manhattan starts on September 9th.

Talk about busy! The awesome Matthew Ismail has been building another website!  Matthew’s brother works in the business and has been helping. It is about Dost Meditatio – new beginnings and realignments.

And Corey Seeman has been busy designing a great website where he is posting Readers Roundup, monograph musings, and his squirreling columns and pictures. Cool! The URL is:

 We should mention our great podcast interview with   Trevor Dawes, Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian, University of Delaware Library.The interview is conducted by Glenda Alvin, Associate Professor, Assistant Director for Collection Management and Administration Head, Acquisitions and Serials, Tennessee State University Library and Jack Montgomery, Professor, Coordinator of Acquisitions and Collections Services, Western Kentucky University. Both Glenda and Jack are also Charleston Conference Directors.You can listen to the Podcast here:

Nicole Ameruri and Lisa Hinchliffe are adapting because of COVID. They are sending along recipes instead!

We are honored to welcome Darrell Gunter as a new regular columnist to ATG. Darrell is also running the innovations section during the 2020 Charleston virtual conference!

And we at the ATG and Charleston Conference headquarters (The Charleston Hub) have also been busy! We are gearing up here for the Virtual Charleston 2020 Conference! Leah Hinds is working her head off and the conference is going to be exciting! Many have registered for the conference already and the Vendor Showcase! This is new unchartered – but exciting —  territory. The new Charleston Hub website is almost ready! Stay tuned! We are also exploring changes to Against the Grain delivery online. 

Oh! And I am using my gmail address a lot more than my comcast address these days because of the hacking so please put it in your address book – [email protected].


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