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Sad News from Against the Grain

by | Aug 20, 2020 | 0 comments


By: Katina Strauch

The Late Bill Hannay

On Monday, Bruce and I got a call from Donna Hannay. She asked that we both be together. Optimist that I am, I figured that Bill had won some big award. No! Donna said very calmly that Bill Hannay had died. August 11, 2020, the true Annus Horribilus. Donna said that the day began as usual, but when Bill got home something didn’t seem right about him. He was dead several hours later. All I could say was “no, no, no, it can’t be!” Bill has two daughters and a son who were all with him when he died.

I met Bill many years ago when I asked him to speak at the Charleston Conference on the recommendation of Karen Muller of ALA. Bruce and Bill hit if off immediately. Bill was like that. He was friendly, funny, charismatic, witty, joyful, talented, smart, extraordinary, irreplaceable, fun to be with, the bright spot in our world.

He worked on law and projects all the way to the end! He sent me an email the day before he died asking me if I wanted an article on inclusive access materials.  A couple of months ago, Bill invited us to a play he was producing on Zoom called Cheaters.  It was a hoot and we laughed out loud.  Bill was planning to go to Budapest to speak next month and Donna had to cancel. The Charleston Conference in November will never be the same. Bill never skipped a beat. It is so horribly sad that he is no longer with us. Bruce and I are devastated. Donna and Bill had moved from their Barrington Hills home and were relocating to New York so we have no snail address for her. But Donna can be reached at cafedame@aol.com, 847-420-8574. We are compiling a video of Bill’s Long Arm of the Law performances and Donna is planning a memorial as well. In the meantime, let’s laugh and remember him. He would like that.


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