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  • How technology literally changes our brains is an edited excerpt of an interview that Ezra Klien did with Nicholas Carr author of The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. In their conversation Carr and Klien “discuss how speaking, reading, and now the internet have each changed our brains in different ways, why “paying attention” doesn’t come naturally to us, why we’re still reading Marshall McLuhan, how human memory actually works, why having your phone in sight makes you less creative, what separates “deep reading” from simply reading, why deep reading is getting harder, why building connections is more important than absorbing information, the benefits to collapsing the world into a connected digital community, and much more…” (It also included a link to the full podcast interview.)
  • Covid-19 Shows That Scientific Journals Need to Open Up is a post by Bloomberg Opinion columnist, Justin Fox in which he argues that “publishers have had a good 355 years, but change is coming.” Ironically, he also claims that the change is been accelerated by the publishing industry generous response to Covid-19 that made “virtually all the scientific research being produced about it, free to read.” Mr Fox goes on to note that the shift was begun by the Open-access movement in which scientific journals are made “publicly available and paywall-free” with the growing support of “government agencies and large foundations that fund much scientific research.” But it won’t happen overnight and Mr. Fox proves it by continuing his post with a thorough history of the publishing industry that highlights its staying power.

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