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Library Technologies for Learning and Research
Guest Editor:  Karen Phillips — Issue Sponsored by SAGE Publishing

Library Technologies for Learning and Research p.1 by Karen PhillipsFor some time we have seen changes in the library’s priorities towards library systems and software.

The Changing Library Landscape: From Digital Conversion to Digital Transformation p. 12 by Rebekah ShawTransitioning from print to digital resources has come a long way, but still has far to go before libraries, faculty, and students can fully realize the advantages.

What are the Perceptual Gaps Between Librarians and Faculty Regarding the Role of the Library in Research and Teaching? p.16 by Professor Snunith Shoham and Dr. Liat Klain GabbayContemporary academic libraries are more user-centered, interdisciplinary, and open to new technologies.

Love and Other Data Assets p. 19 by Jesse StommelConversations between and among faculty, librarians, instructional designers, and technologists are much rarer than they should be.

Provider, Partner and Pioneer: Research Libraries and the Impact of Digitization p. 22 by Martin DreweLibraries work in collaboration with each other and the communities they serve to increasingly take a proactive role in driving research and engagement through digital scholarship.

A Decision-Making System Based on Evidence at the Library / LRC Dulce Chacón — Universidad Europea de Madrid p. 24 by Antonio Alonso Espadas and Javier Martín RodríguezLibraries are highly praised in terms of academic and cultural reputation and everybody agrees on the role we exercise in our communities.

Op Ed — Headwaters — Context and Accessibility p. 34 by Kent AndersonBy devaluing interpretive works and context, the OA movement may be exacting a higher price than we realize on journals and their communities.

Back Talk — Ancient History p. 86 by Jim O’DonnellOn the way to free, really, really inexpensive is a pretty good waystation.


Kathleen Folger – University of Michigan Library p. 28

Colin Bates – Deakin University Library p. 31

Patrick Burns – Colorado State University and Mike Richins – Ex Libris p. 61

Steven J. Bell – Temple University Charles Library p. 65

Profiles Encouraged p. 78


Reader’s Roundup: Monographic Musings & Reference Reviews p. 35 by Corey SeemanTwo types of reviews in one column.  What we are doing continues to morph and grow as the very nature of reference works and some monographs change.

Booklover — Exploration p. 40 by Donna JacobsThe novel Flights (Bieguni ) by Olga Tokarczuk published in 2018 when Tokarczuk was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Collecting to the Core — Religious Responses to Ecological Crisis p. 42 by Christine M. LarsonThe study of the relationship between religion and the natural world has become a rich and nuanced academic field addressing a range of questions.


Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking- Librarians, Publishers, and Educators Help Out during the Coronavirus Pandemic by p. 45 Anthony PaganelliIt’s good to see people coming together and helping in the best way that they can.

Is Sci-Hub Being Investigated by the FBI? p. 47 by Bill HannayIt is questionable whether there is in fact any governmental investigation of criminal conduct by Sci-Hub.

Questions and Answers — Copyright Column p. 48 by Will CrossAs always, many relevant questions and answers.  How does copyright apply to supporting online instruction during a global pandemic?


Bet You Missed It p. 10 by Bruce StrauchWhat do Christopher Tolkien and Mary Higgins Clark have in common?  Read about it here!

The Scholarly Publishing Scene — The PROSE Awards p. 50 by Myer KutzThis January, 19 judges deliberated over 630 publications that had been entered in 49 categories.

And They Were There — Reports of Meetings p. 54 by Ramune K. KubiliusIn this issue of ATG you will find the second installment of 2019 Charleston Conference reports.

Don’s Conference Notes p. 58 by Donald T. HawkinsHere Don provides a brief summary of the 15th Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) Conference.


Biz of Digital — Re-Thinking Scholarly Communication & Publishing at Pacific University p. 52 by Johanna MeetzAs a successful program or initiative grows, it is inevitable that it will reach a point where it can’t expand any more without additional resources.

Little Red Herrings — The Wuhan Wilding p. 60 by Mark Y. Herring (Retracted)

Optimizing Library Services — Using Social Media to Engage with Library Patrons p. 68 by Prof. Danielle De Jager-LoftusThe immediacy, informality, and interactivity of social media offers libraries and educators a chance to influence how they are perceived, and to demonstrate their support of students.


Emerging Tech: To Be or Not to Be? — Introducing Hybrid-Build: The New Approach to Building Modern, Content Platforms for 21st Century Publishing p. 71 by Deni Auclair and John CorkeryCompanies vacillate as they look for the best solutions, locked in a transitory cycle with the pendulum moving from one extreme to the other, never truly finding its center.

Let’s Get Technical — Sharing Responsibility: Our Experiment with Interim Co-Directing a Technical Services Department p. 74 by Stacey Marien and Alayne MundtStacey and Alayne have taken on co-directing the Technical Services department while the position is vacant.  Here they outline factors to consider when sharing responsibilities and tips for how to make them successful.

Wandering the Web — Healthy Aging p. 75 Compiled by Carol Lewis WatwoodThe world’s population is getting older than ever before.  Although we can’t prevent aging, a healthy lifestyle is proven to make a difference.


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