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by | Apr 20, 2020 | 0 comments

by guest blogger Nicole Ameduri, Licensing Manager, Northeast US, Springer Nature

As a true extrovert, the cancelling of all social events has not come easily for me. But we are healthy and that is the most important thing during these times.

I miss my colleagues dearly, but, Springer Nature has done a fantastic job of keeping us all connected and, setting up additional mental health resources and trainings on how to cope in this new world of ours. They also made all their Covid-19 content and all their textbooks on any topic fully open-access.

The last 3 weeks for us has been like a novel. We kept a scheduled trip to Lake Placid about a month ago to knock off some of the High Peaks. Halfway upstate, the governor announced that New York State was going on PAUSE in a few days. Thankfully, the mountains are still open. Afraid that our hotel would close, we quickly booked a studio apartment through Airbnb. It ended up being beautiful and on a lake. Through a twist of fate, the landlord ended up being friends with a friend of ours. A couple of days after our arrival, she asked if we would like to stay in Lake Placid. (Angela from GO LOCAL ADK has been an absolute Godsend, helping us with whatever random request we could come up with during our quarantine.) We’ve always dreamed about owning a home here so staying made sense. We moved upstairs to a gigantic 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment that has laundry in the unit. You’re probably thinking, What’s wrong with them? Do they typically live in poverty? Nope. We live in Manhattan in a 600 square ft, 1 bedroom apartment with laundry in the basement. My cat Chaz is still mesmerized with the washer and dryer because he’s never seen them before. I use the laundry area as my standing desk.

Since we only had a long weekend’s worth of hiking clothes and climbing gear with us, we had to go back to NYC to pick up our beloved cats, Dorabella and Chaz. (Our neighbor had been watching them for the weekend.) On the way home, there was a terrible ice storm and we crashed in the forest. Everything about our accident was miraculous. I called 911 and the EMTs appeared in the forest through the fog immediately. I remember saying, “Oh, you’re here already. Thank you.” The person on the other end of the phone said, “That’s not us.” We had crashed right behind New Paltz Rescue Station. The EMTs couldn’t believe that we weren’t injured. At their urging, we stayed at the Hampton Inn down the road for the evening. There were more than 20 crashes on that stretch of highway that evening.

Four and a half hours later, Avis sent us a taxi driver to bring us to Stewart International Airport to get a replacement Jeep. He was singing inappropriate songs very loudly. We just kept praying that we’d make it to the airport safely.

On Tuesday, we drove back to NYC. Work has been quite busy for me, and I didn’t want to take any additional time off, so I made it home in time for my morning meeting. There were rumors that the Adirondacks might close, so we were eager to get back on the road since we’d rented an apartment and left our belongings upstate. Therefore, I only packed 2 outfits, and my husband threw our dirty laundry in the car.

We made it safely to our new home. Quarantining here was very easy. That said, we breathed a sigh of relief when neither of us had any symptoms after 2 weeks. We have neighbors upstairs, who we’ve never seen. The street is completely deserted. Hiking is the best. We hiked in the Santanoni Range last weekend for 8 hours and didn’t see any other humans.

Sadly, my husband’s father passed away 2 weeks ago. Then my cousin passed away a few days later. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one during Covid-19 because you can’t be with family or attend the funeral service.

Right after our 2-week quarantine ended, my husband needed to find an emergency dentist, on a weekend. I called every dentist whom a Google search would pull up. It was Saturday night. One with a Bulgarian accent picked up. One of my oldest and dearest friends is from Sophia, and we love Bulgarian food. We had an odd exchange, but he saw my husband at 7 AM on Monday morning and all is well. I think we’re going to be friends. I offered him PDFs of any article in British Dental Journal. If my manager reads this, hopefully I won’t be in any trouble at work. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 😉

I was able to scramble together a birthday party for my husband. I’ve discovered an incredible local baker: Rene from Enuf Chocolates. She’s originally from NYC, too. When I went to pick up Baha’s birthday cake, she had made us a banana bread, just for the heck of it. High Peaks Cyclery is still open as bike shops are essential, so I was able to buy some birthday gifts for Baha there. My amazing landlord left gift bags and ribbon for me in our entryway at no cost.

Our favorite restaurant, Luna, is still open for take-out. The owner, Alman, has an incredible story, and we have so much respect for him. The people here are so generous and welcoming. We’ve been coming here for years, and the people are a big reason why we want to make Lake Placid home. Overall, we’re feeling blessed. We’re healthy and waiting this out in a beautiful home in our favorite town.


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