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Artificial Intelligence in Scholarly Research: Part 1

by | Apr 14, 2020


The following session was recorded live on April 22, 2020.

Artificial Intelligence versus Intelligent Augmentation

Description: Join us for a conversation between Ruth Pickering, Co-Founder and COO at Yewno, and Daniel Hook, CEO of Digital Science, on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) versus intelligent augmentation (IA) in scholarly publishing. 

Daniel is the author of a chapter in an upcoming Charleston Briefings title on the same subject: “Generalised artificial intelligence (AI) has the capacity to change humanity’s relationship with its every endeavour, from personal interactions to research problems and, ultimately, to what constitutes a meaningful life.  It is likely that generalised artificial intelligence is still a far off, if ever obtainable, goal. Yet even without a fully-fledged AI, humanity is entering an age of intelligent augmentation (IA) in which machines can magnify human capability and enhance achievement, as well as compensate and correct for certain human frailties and failings.  However, these potentially positive developments are not automatic.  Understanding of AI technologies is still in its early stages: technological, economic, societal and cultural ramifications of AI as a widespread technology are uncertain. Close study needs to be paid to the many features of AI, the most obvious of which has become implicit bias, as well as the interaction of AI with the world around us.”




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