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The Rumors Blog: Camaraderie in a time of coronavirus

by | Mar 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Here on Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms and Folly Beach as well beaches are closed even though the weather is beautiful. For myself, I have been exploring my bookshelves, sitting in the sun on the porch, and reading Nancy Mitford’s very first novel that she wrote when she was in her twenties – Highland Fling. It’s amusing and brings a smile! Speaking of smiles and camaraderie! Want something to do while you are self-isolating??  Why not send us what’s going on where you are? How you are affected? How you are adapting? Doesn’t have to be long, just a way to stay in touch. Please send this to us! Smile … Kstrauch@comcast.net, hindsl@gmail.com

The incredible photographer, Reese Moore, has taken a lot of pictures during Charleston Conferences! We will use several of her pictures on the new Charleston Hub website coming soon! Reese is an inspiration. I met her when she was taing pictures for the College ofCharleston magazine. Reese is young and energetic and we hope to hear more from her soon!

 Another great photographer we can’t ignore is Corey Seeman. I ran into him at the 2019 Vendor Showcase! He had several cameras around his neck! Corey is the director of  Kresge Library Services at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Since 2013, he has been guiding the Kresge Library through a dramatic transformation from a full-service library with a 70,000 volume collection to one that practically only has electronic collections. The new Kresge Library Services opened to the Ross School of Business in Fall 2016. Prior to that position, Corey served as Assistant Dean over collections and systems at the University of Toledo, a training consultant at Innovative Interfaces, and a librarian and archivist at historical libraries, including the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Corey has written and presented on customer service and change management within libraries, especially academic ones. Since 2004, he has maintained the  Library Writer’s Blog where he shares writing and presenting opportunities for librarians. He is also an avid photographer (especially of the campus squirrels at Michigan) and a cooking enthusiast

 Besides smiling,  Corey is doing a great job of writing a business column and finding book reviewers for Against the Grain! He recently hooked me up with Rossana Morriello at the Politecnico di Torino.  Rossana has a new book and we will be hearing from her very soon!

Peter Brantley’sread20-l digest is a great online resource! Just saw a post from Lorcan Dempsey ( dempserul@oclc.org) —   Waterstones boss James Daunt says the coronavirus crisis has led to “unprecedented demand” for books at the firm  and has called for all bookshops to be kept open over the coming months to meet a social need.  Amen!  https://www.thebookseller.com/news/coronavirus-live-updates-hachette-bookshops-booksellers-association-publishing-latest

OOPS — just saw that Waterstones has shuttered their bookstores. Frown!I am sorry that I can’t use Emojis anymore. It’s a long story. I am using Duolingo (a great app) to refresh my Greek. To do that, I need the Greek keyboard on my iphone and that messes up my emoji keyboard. Maybe when I get another iphone things will be different. In the meantime, I am emojie less. 

Karen Christensen < karen@berkshirepublishing.com> notes that she just sent an email offering digital reading copies to teachers, and got a print order almost immediately. Digital options are wonderful, but people do want, and benefit from, books. I agree for sure!  karen@berkshirepublishing.com
Barter Books, Alnwick Station, Northumberland NE66 2NP< bb@barterbooks.co.uk> Sounds like a fantastic old bookshop in an old train station. Maybe we can visit when this coronavirus business is over! I also wonder if it’s near Anthony Watkinson’s home in Northumberland? Maybe he has been there?https://www.barterbooks.co.uk/html/About%20Us/The%20Bookshop.php
Thanks and stay well!


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