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v31 #3 Epistemology — The Passion of Librarians

by | Jun 28, 2019 | 2 comments


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  1. TMC

    I finished my Information Studies master’s last year. I was happy about it for a month. The other week I talked a woman with an undergraduate degree from Vassar out of attending library school. I told her she’d be better off staying a waitress and bartender, because at least there is full-time work doing those things. None of this is easy for me to type. I’ve wanted very much to be a librarian. The power of libraries, reading, and information mean something to me as a low-income woman of color who doesn’t come from a family with a long tradition of education. The public library has fueled my fires of curiosity my entire life. However, my inability to encounter any full-time opportunities in this field (I am willing to move ANYWHERE), leads me to believe I made a mistake. I would have been better off studying for an MBA, and I am not a business school type. But as a single mother who has now resorted to taking low wage, intellectually stultifying clerical jobs (I’m making less money now than I did in high school), I have to make money, and my Master’s in Information Studies isn’t getting anyone to take me seriously. Librarianship may be a “noble” profession with a “rich” history, but it’s not an easy one to break into…I had hoped I could add my passion to this profession, but I was only fooling myself.

    • splutchak

      I know that it can be discouraging getting the first job and I’m sorry to hear that you’re so disillusioned. There certainly are full-time library positions that you could qualify for. I hope that you haven’t completely given up and that you’ll keep applying. Something good will come your way.


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