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If Rumors were Horses 4-12-19

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By Katina Strauch

I was interested in a post by Kent Anderson “Are We Gradually Being Erased?’ on his new online newsletter – The Geyser — Hot Takes & Deep Thinking on the Info Economy. It’s about the lack of tangible records of our experiences and how that may hinder recall, reflection, and identity. I am talking about relying on the online environment to store our history and memories rather than traditional print or published tools. I was mortified several years ago when the College of Charleston quit publishing its annual yearbook. No more pictures of friends, no more history of social or sports events, no more history of the year? No, it’s not all on Facebook or Twitter. It is owned by an entity that can surely “erase” anything it wants to. I love the online environment but why are we relying on it to be our life, our generational archive? BTW, Kent’s newsletter is on https://thegeyser.substack.com

Speaking of memories. I wasn’t able to go to Fiesole (what a gorgeous place!) with memories of the elegant and urbane Mario Casalini who approached me many eons ago about starting a Charleston Conference in Italy. Ecco, the Fiesole Retreats carried on for twenty-plus years admirably by Michele and Barbara Casalini as well as by the awesome Becky Lenzini. Of course, Leah was there representing the Charleston Conference and Against the Grain! Oh, to be young again –- back-to-back conferences — Fiesole and ACRL! Dean and Director at University of Denver Libraries Michael Levine-Clark (He’s energetically everywhere!) was there talking about use statistics, white papers, and libraries. Colleen Campbell one of my all-time favorite people was also in Fiesole. She is at the Max Planck Digital Library, OpenAccess 2020 Initiative and is hoping to come to Charleston in November. The scholarly but fun too Michael Mabe was in Fiesole as well and he will be in Charleston talking about Plan S.

Speaking of Charleston in November #39!), we have several bam-zowie keynote speakers thanks to the Charleston Conference directors as well as Meg White (Rittenhouse) and Ann Okerson (Center for Research Libraries). AnnouncingDirector of the National Library of Medicine Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan, the newly appointed and first female CEO of Elsevier in its 140 year old history, Kumsal Bayazit, and back by popular demand, founder of the Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle. Not to be missed — November 4-8, 2019 in beautiful Charleston, SC. We are getting more and more hotels downtown and all around. Talk about memories. When we moved to Charleston in August 1977, it was a sleepy town with two restaurants, one big hotel (the Francis Marion) and no taxis! Plus ça change!

Here’s a new memory! Springer Nature published its first machine-generated book in chemistry. The book prototype provides an overview of the latest research in the rapidly growing field of lithium-ion batteries. In close collaboration between Springer Nature and researchers from Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, a state-of-the-art algorithm, the so-called Beta Writer, was developed to select, consume and process relevant publications in this field from Springer Nature’s content platform SpringerLink. In the future, Springer Nature plans to expand this pilot project by developing prototypes for content from other subject areas as well. The published prototype on research about lithium-ion batteries will serve as a solid basis to further refine and improve the underlying technology. Springer Nature’s first machine-generated book is designed for all interested audiences: researchers, master and PhD students, reviewers, academic writers, librarians and decision makers in science education. It is available as eBook and print book. The eBook is freely available for readers on SpringerLink.

The upbeat and focused Henry Owino  is moving to Truganina, Australia effective June 2019. Watch for our interview in an upcoming ATG (June?).

ACRL started earlier this week and Leah Hinds and Don Hawkins are there representing ATG and the Charleston Conference. Looking forward to more soon! Antio sas! Greek for goodbye for now! Trying to learn some adult Greek. I learned it when I was three with my parents in Athens. It’s the Greek letters I didn’t learn! You know what? The next Fiesole may be in Greece!



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