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v30#6 December 2018/January 2019 Table of Contents

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Rumors – p. 1

From Your Editor – p. 6

Letters to the Editor – p. 6

Deadlines – p. 6


2018 Charleston Library Conference by The Charleston Conference Team: Leah Hinds, Tom Gilson, Katina Strauch

2018 Charleston Library Conference p. 1 by The Charleston Conference Team — We have given a brief overview of the conference in 2018 and we have selected several areas to whet your whistle!

The Best of the Charleston Conference Blog p. 12 by Tom Gilson — Don Hawkins has been blogging the Charleston Conference for many years! What would we do without him?

IGI Global Presents a Sustainable Open Access Offset Model at the 2018 Charleston Conference p. 22 by Caroline J. Campbell and Lindsay Wertman — This popular presentation discussed opportunities within the OA movement and a new OA model allowing libraries and publishers to take more active and mutually beneficial roles.

ATG Trendspotting Initiative p. 23 by Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe — This initiative aims to establish an ongoing community engagement process to explore trends and impacts on the information industry. While much remains to be seen, it is clear there is great interest on the forces shaping our work.

From Affordable to Open: Evaluating Open Educational Resources p. 26 by Mark Cummings — This is the text of Mark Cummings’ remarks on a three-person panel exploring the library’s opportunity in affordable textbooks.

The Coming Wave of Affordable Textbooks p. 28 by Joseph Esposito — Joe says that it is clear that big changes in textbooks are coming and libraries will be at the center of them.

They Didn’t Teach This in Library School p. 30 Identifying Core Knowledges for Beginning Acquisitions Librarians by Lindsay Cronk and Rachel Fleming — It is extremely common for acquisitions workers to express that they feel unprepared for the nature of their work. Cronk and Fleming plan to continue to explore and code their findings.

The 2018 Charleston Conference Poster Sessions — A Sampler p. 32 by Tom Gilson and Katina Strauch — This is a brief look at some of the many innovative and popular posters presented in Charleston 2018.

#ChsConf2018 Through the Lens of Social Media p. 35 by Carol Apollo-Kennedy — It’s fun to follow the Conference on social media and keep enthusiasm going til next year!

Charleston 2018: Closing Session Presentation p. 36 by Stephen Rhind-Tutt — What a masterful and challenging look at much of the content that defined Charleston 2018!

Op Ed — Epistemology p.46 A Matter of Trust by T. Scott Plutchak — Scott suggests that we might want to apply a bit of skepticism to our own certainties to reawaken trust.

Back Talk p. 86 Charleston Conference 2018 by Jim O’Donnell — Jim talks about high-density shelving facilities and what he learned about them in Charleston.


ATG Interviews Heather Staines p. 48 Director of Partnerships, Hypothesis

Profiles Encouraged p.77- The 2018 Up and Comers Award winner profiles are here along with others.


Book Reviews p.39- Monographic Musings by Corey Seeman — Corey took over this column from Regina Gong and has instituted a new rating scheme. Let us know what you think of it!

Wryly Noted p.43-Books About Books by John Riley — The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders by Stuart Kells is John’s focus this time.

Collecting to the Core p. 44-The Works of John Donne by Cecile M. Jagodzinski — Monographic works that are essential to the academic library.

Booklover p.59-Picking Blackberries by Donna Jacobs — No Nobel Prize for Literature was given in 2018 so Donna has selected Seamus Heaney for her column.


Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking p. 51-The Music Modernization Act 2018 by Anthony Paganelli — We welcome Anthony to our legally speaking column! Thank you, Anthony, and also, Thank you, Jack, for recruiting Anthony!

Cases of Note — Copyright p. 52-Sea Divers Implied-in-Fact Contract by Bruce Strauch — Minniear v. Tors.

Questions and Answers p. 54-Copyright Column by Laura N. Gasaway — Many relevant questions and answers. Is restricting the use of permalinks to databases appropriate? Lolly tells us!


Bet You Missed It p. 10 by Bruce Strauch — What do Louisa May Alcott and Edward Albee have in common? Read about it here!

Don’s Conference Notes p. 55-Transforming the Information Community: the 33rd Annual NASIG Conference by Guest Columnist Steve Oberg.

Little Red Herrings p. 56-Giving Thanks: Libraries by Mark Y. Herring — Mark says we aren’t thankful enough for libraries. Ain’t it the truth!

And They Were There p. 57-Reports of Meetings — In this issue Sever shares reports from the 2018 JCLC and 2018 NMLA conferences. And stay tuned, reports from the 2018 Charleston Conference will begin publishing in our February 2019 issue.

The Scholarly Publishing Scene p. 60-Board Sketches by Myer Kutz — Myer has looked over the rosters of non-executive board members of the commercial publishers who control half or more of the scholarly and reference publishing business.


Biz of Digital p. 62-Out in the Library: Digital Scholarship at an Art and Design School by Lisa Conrad — Lisa is the first digital scholarship librarian at CCA, a private art and design school located in the San Francisco Bay. Here is a glance at some of her mandates.

Being Earnest with Collections p. 64-User-Centered Collection Development: Using Library Service Design Tools to Evaluate Open Access Funding Opportunities by Erin Gallagher — Erin is exploring the mash-up between library service design and collection development funding. They are actively seeking feedback which focuses on the user rather than the product.

Mayflower: Ode to New Beginnings p. 66-Distinction for the Library Profession: Taking a Page from the Business Playbook by Antje Mays — Antje says that we are too “enclosed” within our own field. She says this limits our sphere of influence.

Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians p. 68-Can You Justify Your Price? by Michael Gruenberg — Justify your price if you want to sell your product, Mike says.

Squirreling Away: Managing Information Resources & Libraries p. 70-The Writing on the Wall by Corey Seeman — An important economic event that takes place in the States is the assessment of how the holiday season was for businesses, especially retail, and the early indications is that it was a good year.


Let’s Get Technical p. 73-EDI: Understanding the Benefits of EDI and Tips for a Successful Implementation by Carol Seiler and Anne Campbell — Clear communication is key to ensuring the success of EDI and here are some tips.

Library Analytics: Shaping the Future p. 75- Building an Analytics Culture by Tabatha Farney — You will know you are in an analytics environment when it feels uncomfortable making decisions without data.


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