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v30#5 November 2018 Table of Contents

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Rumors – p. 1

From Your Editor – p. 6

Letters to the Editor – p. 6

Deadlines – p. 6


Library Support of Institutional Curricula, Guest Editor, Cris Ferguson

Library Support of Institutional Curricula p. by Cris FergusonThis issue  is devoted to the many and varied ways in which academic libraries are supporting institutional curricula.

One Monographs Bucket p.12 by Kelly SmithAs PDA became more popular with patrons, the idea of pre-determined subject allocations quickly became a challenge.

Textbooks on Reserve — Seven Years and Going Strong p.14 by Becky DeMartini, Marynelle Chew, and Michael AldrichThis article discusses the success of Brigham Young University-Hawaii’s growing print textbook reserve collection.

Expanding Options — Promoting the Adoption of Reasonably Priced Texts that are Also Available as Library eBooks p. 18 by Kate Pittsley-Sousa — This approach encourages the adoption of reasonably priced titles that could be available for purchase as library eBooks.

TEAMing Up with Faculty: A New Tactic in the Textbook Battle p. 22 by Christa Bailey and Adriana Poo — SJSU offers professional development funds to faculty to encourage them to adopt OER.

Digital Partners — An Incremental Approach to Supporting Digital Scholarship on Your Campus p. 26 by Tim BucknallTim explains that through the Digital Partners program the library awards grants of library staff expertise and time for creative faculty digital scholarship concepts.

Creating and Marketing Textbook/OER Programs p. 28 by Laura Pascual — The University of South Florida has a multi-faceted approach to providing access to course materials.

Op Ed — Epistemology p. 32 Fact or Opinion by T. Scott Plutchak — How we can distinguish facts from opinions?

Back Talk -On Being A Fashionable Librarian! p. 94 by Ann Okerson — IFLA’s WLIC was about Librarian Fashion?  Something to emulate?


George Machovec p. 50 Executive Director, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, and Managing Editor, The Charleston Advisor

Joris Van Rossum p. 52 Director, Special Projects, Digital Science

Profiles Encouraged p. 90More people, company, and library profiles — very interesting.


Booklover p. 34 Birds by Donna JacobsPenguin Island by Anatole France, the nom de plume for Jacques Anatole Thibault.  Ever wonder where the expression “for the birds” came from?  Not really but keep reading!

Collecting to the Core p. 36 Our Common Future by Carla HeisterMonographic works that are essential to the academic library.

Book Reviews p. 40 Monographic Musings by Corey SeemanCorey takes over this column from Regina Gong.  Two of the books reviewed include:  Collaborating with Strangers and Taking Your Library Career to the Next Level.

Wryly Noted p. 46 Books About Books by John RileyAn omnium gatherum of books that reflect a summer’s worth of reading and traveling.


Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright p. 54 Rock Legends and Substantial Similarity by Bruce StrauchMichael Skidmore as Trustee for The Randy Craig Wolfe Trust v. All The Led Zeppelin Gang and Warner Music Et Al.

Questions and Answers p. 55 Copyright Column by Laura N. Gasaway — Many relevant questions and answers.  What’s the copyright status of makerspace projects?  Lolly tells us!


Bet You Missed It p. 8 by Bruce StrauchWhat do R. L. Stine and Ringo Starr have in common?  Read about it here!

Random Ramblings p. 56 Sex, Intellectual Freedom, and Academic Libraries by Bob HolleyBob’s current research agenda seeks to show how honoring a commitment to intellectual freedom is not as easy as most librarians think it is.

Little Red Herrings p. 60 Have We Reached the Proverbial Tipping Point? by Mark Y. HerringIs the tipping point that we don’t know if the Internet is a boon or a boondoggle?

The Scholarly Publishing Scene p. 62 The Age of Acquiring by Myer KutzMyer has been looking for information about how scholarly publishing’s commercial sector has changed in the past decade.  His findings are here.

It’s High Time p. 64 The Efficiency Expert by Darby OrcuttThis new column will focus on the longer horizon contexts and offer big ideas and questions relevant to our field.

And They Were There p. 65 Reports of MeetingsIn this issue we have the last installment of reports from the 2017 Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her fabulous team of reporters.  And stay tuned, reports from the 2018 Charleston Conference will begin publishing in our February 2019 issue.

Straight Talk p. 70 Springer Nature Cancels €3.2 Billion IPO at the Last Minute by Dan TonkeryWhat does this failed IPO mean for the library community?


Both Sides Now:  Vendors and Librarians p. 74 What Happens Next? by Michael GruenbergIn reality, “what happens next?” is a way for both the buyer and seller to stay focused on the job at hand which is buying and selling.

Biz of Digital p. 75 Exploratory Evolution: Using Participatory Change to Rethink and Reorganize Digital Collections Services by Annie Benefiel, Jacklyn Rander, Matt Ruen and Leigh RupinskiGVSU Libraries held a series of facilitated conversations to analyze the workflows, organizational structure, and overall support for the management of digital collections and repositories.

Being Earnest with Collections p. 78 Prepping the Future: A Call for Today’s Technical Services Librarians to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders by Cara Mia CalabreseCara and all of us! would appreciate feedback from ATG readers who share in a desire to promote technical services to the next generation of librarians.

Squirreling Away: Managing Information Resources & Libraries p. 80 Boy, If Life Were Only Like This by Corey SeemanAll academic librarians are told that everything is free on the Internet, and that is not true.  But every time we answer these questions, it is rolling a boulder up the hill. Over and over again.

Stop, Look, Listen p. 82 OA Books Funding: The Next Phase by Dr. Sven FundThe fact remains that what the market really needs in order to complement existing library-funded OA models is the aggregation of single title funding or book processing charges (BPCs).

Collection Management Matters p. 84 Migrations and Migraines by Glenda AlvinPutting people before processes and procedures, fosters strong team spirit, promotes unity of purpose, and helps get the job done, with little, if any residual negative attitudes.


Library Analytics: Shaping the Future p. 72 A Case of Strategic Library Transformation Using Data Analytics: Chalmers University of Technology by Daniel ForsmanThe ability to extract high-quality, timely, actionable insights for researchers, scholarly communicators, research funders, and management from publication patterns and usage patterns would earn the library a seat at the table as an expert on how to increase the visibility and the impact of research.

Future Through the Past p. 85 Emerging Research Literature by Donald BeagleDon has some reading recommendations.

Considering Games and Gamification in Libraries & Associated Entities p. 86 In Praise of Real People — Being an examination of Immersive Participatory, Interactive Analog Games and Their Use in Education in General and Libraries in Particular….….before I forget by Jared Alexander SeayWhat Jared has to tell us is spectacularly revolutionary.

Let’s Get Technical p. 88 Taking the CIP Program into the  Future with PrePub Book Link by Caroline SaccucciThis is about LC’s PrePubBook Link.


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