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Rumors – p. 1

From Your Editor – p. 6

Letters to the Editor – p. 6

Deadlines – p. 6


Trends in the Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences information Landscape -p. 1
by Ramune Kubilius — In a series of articles, the contributors provide a view of the landscape. What are health sciences libraries (or their larger institutions) “building” (acquiring, collecting, licensing) these days?

Librarians Dream of Electric Cats: A Tech Team’s Journey into the World of Emerging Technologies -p. 12
by Jason Lilly and Kellie Kaneshiro — In this article, the team expands on 3D printing, data visualization, virtual and augmented reality.

Current Trends and Opportunities in Health Sciences Library Metadata -p. 16
by Joelen Pastva and Tony Olson — This article examines how the dominance of electronic resources in the health sciences has shifted cataloging workflows and priorities.

The (not So) Accidental Ontologist and other Tales of Alternative Librarianship -p. 18
by David Bender — Librarianship is far from dead, and librarians have much to offer modern information producers.

Helping Decipher Doctorspeak: Health Literacy and the Library Community -p. 22
by Katherine Chew — This article will look at the evolving issues and challenges of health literacy and outreach initiatives surrounding or encompassing library support for creating and maintaining a health literate community.

One Health: Connecting the Dots -p. 26
by Pamela Rose — The One Health initiative opens the door to a much broader and more inclusive approach.

The eBook Package Subscription Model: Analysis of the Publication Years and Usage -p. 29
by Jie Li and Geneva B. Staggs — The purpose of this research was to examine usage of individual titles in eBook packages commonly licensed or acquired by health sciences libraries for their users.

Hitting our Stride: Reflections Four Years Later from a Born-Digital Medical Library -p. 32
by Elizabeth R. Lorbeer — This is an invitation to adapt, evolve and reinvent how we interact with users to make it easier for them to find information.

Medical institutional Repositories in a Changing Scholarly Communication Landscape -p. 33
by Daniel G. Kipnis and Lisa A. Palmer — Clifford Lynch believes that the purpose of IRs “must be disconnected from the OA agenda.”

Mayflower: Ode to New Beginnings -p. 37
A New Column for New Times with a Positive Mission by Antje Mays — The inspiration for this new column sprang from the stream from fearful expressions about existential pressures within the library profession.

Op Ed — Little Red Herrings- Addicted to Love, Sort Of -p. 40
by Mark Herring — Do you know where your smartphone is?

Epistemology -p. 41
Talking About People by T. Scott Plutchak — There is a tendency to conflate individuals with their organizations but it’s the people who count.

Back Talk -p. 86
The Disintegrated Library System by Jim O’Donnell — Jim proposes the DLS separate from the ILS. Hmmm.


Nancy Percival -p. 42
Sales Director, Prenax, Inc.

Richard L. Landry -p. 44
Director, Data Innovation, SAGE Publishing

Beth Marhanka -p. 45
Interim Associate University Librarian for User Services & Engagement and Head, Gelardin New Media Center/Maker Hub, Georgetown University

Profiles Encouraged -p.79
More people, company, and library profiles for your liking.


Booklover -p. 47
Fishing for Summer Reading by Donna Jacobs — A small book of six short stories by Gao XingJian is the subject of this column.

Collecting to the Core -p. 48
Osteopathic Medicine by Susan E. Swogger — Monographic works that are essential to the academic library.

Wryly Noted -p. 50
Books About Books by John Riley — The Booklover’s Miscellany by Claire Cock-Starkey.

Briefly Noted – p. 70
by Bryan Dillon — Just a few of the many books that we have received for review! Keep ’em coming!

LEGAL ISSUES Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright -p. 51
A Desny implied-in-Fact Contract by Bruce Strauch — Gunther-Wahl Productions, Inc. et al v. Mattel Inc.

Questions and Answers -p. 52 Copyright Column
by Laura N. Gasaway — Many relevant questions and answers. Is embed- ding a photo in a tweet copyright infringement?


Bet You Missed It -p. 10
by Bruce Strauch — What do mayhem and kids have in common? Read about it here!

Random Ramblings -p. 53
The Future of the ALA Midwinter Meeting by Bob Holley — This no doubt depends on the collective decisions of members and vendors.

The Scholarly Publishing Scene -p. 55
Publishing Memories by Myer Kutz — A little history about Putting Authors (and Users) First.

And They Were There -p. 65
Reports of Meetings — In this issue Sever Bordeianu provides a report on LIW 2018 by Alyssa Russo and we have more reports from the 2017 Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her fabulous team of reporters.

Don’s Conference Notes -p. 74
Scholarly Publishing at the Crossroads: The 40th SSP Meeting by Donald T. Hawkins — As usual Don has provided an in-depth report of this meeting in case you missed it.


Oregon Trails -p. 56
Zen and the Art of Proper Reading- by Thomas Leonhardt — Tom says there is a simple way to express the highly personal art of reading.

Optimizing Library Services -p. 57
Cloud Computing for higher Education institutions: A Feasibility Study of the Adoption of IaaS in the Computing and Library Services of a U.K. University by Alexandros Chrysikos — This article is a summary of a study presented in an IGI Global publication.

Biz of Digital -p. 62
Double, Double: Methods for Shared Management of a Digitization Lab by Marcia Mcintosh and Shannon Willis — How can two managers, two leaders, work together to co-manage a single group?

Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians -p. 64
It’s all About “The Relationship” by Michael Gruenberg — The technology that is used today in communication between vendor and information professional is quite efficient. However, efficiency cannot replace the human touch.

Squirreling Away: Managing information Resources & Libraries -p. 71
Supply Chains are Complicated, but Critical. Why the Financial Stability of Vendors is Far More important than you Think! by Corey Seeman — Libraries need to learn more about the companies they do business with.


Library Analytics: Shaping the Future -p. 60
Consortial Usage Statistics, Analytics, and the CC- PLUS Project by Anne C. Osterman, Jill Morris and Jason Price — This article highlights recent efforts to address core needs through an IMLS-funded project.

Considering Games and Gamification in Libraries & Associated Entities -p. 68
The “g” Word by Jared Alexander Seay — “Gamification is not just a hot topic in libraries or higher education. It is a much bigger society-wide trend.”


Charleston Comings and Goings -p. 72
News and Announcements for the Charleston Library Conference by Leah H. Hinds — Charleston Conference 2018. Preconferences/Seminars: Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 5-6. Vendor Showcase: Tuesday, Nov. 6. Main Conference: Wednesday-Friday, Nov. 7-9.


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