ATG Database Reviews: InCites Journal Citation Reports

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Reviewed by: Audrey Powers, Associate Librarian for the College of The Arts ([email protected]) and Matt Torrence, Associate Librarian for the Natural Sciences ([email protected]), University of South Florida

Name of the Vendor: Clarivate


Purchase Model: Subscription

Cost/FTE: See Additional Comments. Contact

Type of Database: Original Content, Journal Metrics

Audience: Undergraduate, Graduate, Specialized

Library Type: Academic, Special

What is included? Journal Evaluations

Comments: The technical service, training, and support from Clarivate is excellent.  Their timely responses, as well as live and web-based instruction sessions provide great assistance and value to the busy library professional. Be sure to reach out to them when designing or planning any tutorials or instruction related to the JCR and other Web of Science elements.

Pros: The new interface expands and improves many of the visual and statistical outputs, providing more value to scholars, researchers, and administrators. For core and well-defined areas of teaching and research, the JCR remains among the most important and trusted bibliometric tools. In many areas of the sciences and social sciences, the JCR is an absolute must for preparing promotion and tenure applications, or evaluating a scholar and the journals in which they have published.

Cons: Coverage and journal level metrics for the Arts and Humanities is limited; however, quantifying artistic and creative outputs is challenging. The JCR has expanded journal coverage in these subjects, but other resources can be used when researching this type of information for scholars in these disciplines. Although it takes a few clicks to get to the journal ranking within the category or categories in which it is classified, Clarivate agreed to make this more prominent based on user feedback.

Additional Comments: The JCR is a component of Web of Science which was originally published as ISI’s (Institute for Scientific Research) Science Citation Index which is a well-known, classic source for information in the sciences.

A quote from Clarivate about pricing:  There are a host of factors that affect the price.  To subscribe to JCR, an institution has to have a subscription to Web of Science; JCR is part of an InCites platform subscription.  The JCR can also be subscribed to (within that WoS-precondition) as a package with Essential Science Indicators.


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