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v30 #2 April 2018 Table of Contents

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Rumors – p. 1

From Your Editor – p. 6

Letters to the Editor – p. 6

Deadlines – p. 6


Vendor Library Partnerships — Guest Editors, Maggie Farrell, Barbara Kawecki, and Rick Branham

Vendor Library Partnerships – p. 1
by Maggie Farrell, Barbara Kawecki and Rick BranhamThe goal of these authors is to open the dialogues between vendors and librarians to facilitate a more productive relationship.

Transforming Library Vendor Relations: Turning Relationships into Partnerships – p. 14
by Barbara KaweckiThe scholarly communication/library/publishing ecosystem today, is one where we all depend upon each other for success.

Library-Vendor Partnerships — An Overview of Our Symbiotic Relationships – p. 16
by J. Michael Thompson and Carol SeilerPartnerships have grown from basic approval plans to online development communities in a relatively short period of time.

Converse-ations: Seeing the Relationship from the Flip Side – p. 19
by Ashley Fast Bailey, Laurel Sammonds Crawford, Jeffrey Daniels, Claire Eichman, Allyson Rodriguez, and Patrick RothRecently, a group of librarians and vendors interviewed each other to get insights into what it’s like on the “flip side.”

The Myth of the Tough Negotiator – p. 22
by Georgie DonovanGeorgie thinks it is  hard to make the case that a tougher, more adversarial stance during negotiation leads to a better outcome.

The Care and Feeding of Partnerships – p. 24
by Maggie FarrellThe relationship between librarians and vendors is different from most customer relationships.

Consortial Partnerships with Libraries and Vendors – p. 26
by George MachovecSince the advent of ejournals, eBooks, and other e-resources on the Web, library consortia have played an increasingly important role in aggregating group deals and acting as an agent on behalf of libraries.  This has introduced another player in the complex world of licensing with both benefits and challenges.

Pajama Party: Using Technology for Remote Partner Collaboration – p. 28
by Rick BranhamAn excellent look at three types of collaborative applications – conferencing, document collaboration, and prototyping.

Breaking up is Hard to Do — Ending a Partnership – p. 31
by Maggie FarrellA partnership may end due to a variety of reasons – the project is completed, personnel change within partner organizations that may shift the priorities, or changes in needs occur requiring different solutions or partners.

Op Ed – p. 32
Epistemology — Vision, Values and Making It Work by T. Scott PlutchakCreating the changes we want to see requires dealing with the realities of economics, the varying values and incentives of a diverse set of participants, and a willingness to confront the messy challenges of developing strategy.

Back Talk – p. 78
Can we Build the Offline Internet? by Ann OkersonFor many of the people on the planet, it’s a netless world.  This is about the amazing initiatives that are being taken to remedy the situation.


Gary Marchionini – p. 35
Dean, School of Information and Library Science, University of NC, Chapel Hill

Profiles Encouraged – p. 74
In this issue we have more people, company, and library profiles for your inquiring minds.


Booklover – p. 38
Experimental Imagination by Donna Jacobs  — A look into Camilo Jose Cela’s novel Boxwood.

Wryly Noted – p. 39
Books About Books by John RileyInside Roman Libraries: Book Collections and Their Management in Antiquity by George W. Houston.

Collecting to the Core – p. 40
Great Plains Literature of Place by Melissa S. JonesMonographic works that are essential to the academic library within a particular discipline.


Edited by Bruce Strauch and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright – p. 42
Constructive Trust by Bruce Strauch This one’s about barbies and bratzs.  Mattel, Inc. v. MGA Entertainment, Inc.

Questions and Answers – p. 44
Copyright Column by Laura N. GasawayMany relevant questions and answers including one about a recent dispute involving a photograph used in a political campaign.


Bet You Missed It – p. 10
by Bruce StrauchWhat do dolls and Wallis and Edward Simpson have in common?  Read about it here!

Random Ramblings – p. 45

Alabama Story, ALA, and Intellectual Freedom: The Hidden Secret by Bob HolleyBob urges us to go see The Rabbit’s Wedding for many reasons.  Read on.

The Scholarly Publishing Scene – p. 47
The RR Hawkins Prize by Myer KutzWhat a fascinating column.  I had never heard of the Hawkins Prize and its many recipients.  Read about them all especially Bloomsbury’s Arcadian Library Online.

Little Red Herrings – p. 48
#DeleteFacebook [?] by Mark Y. HerringShouldn’t we have known better?

And They Were There – p. 60
Reports of MeetingsIn this issue we have the second batch of reports from the 2017 Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her fabulous team of reporters.

Don’s Conference Notes – p. 68
Information Transformation: Open. Global. Collaborative: NFAIS’s 60th Anniversary Meeting by Donald T. HawkinsThis also includes information on the Miles Conrad Lecture.


Stop, Look, Listen – p. 49
Academic Content for Generation Y: Videos in Scholarly Publishing by Dr. Sven FundSven points to a startup called Latest Thinking.  Have you heard of it?

Both Sides Now:  Vendors and Librarians – p. 50
Write It Down by Michael GruenbergIs the evergreen provision in a contract a good idea?

Optimizing Library Services – p. 51
International Students and Academic Libraries: Identifying Themes in the Literature from 2001 to the Present by Barbara Blummer and Jeffrey M. KentonThis focuses on librarians’ efforts to support international students in academic institutions as reflected in the literature.

Let’s Get Technical – p. 53
The Care and Feeding of Local Data in a ILS Migration by Stacey Marien and Alayne MundtThis is about merging records from several institutions in the same catalog.  Lots of issues!

Biz of Acq / The Biz of Digital – p. 54
The Disappearance of Library Acquisitions and the Emergence of the E- and the Digital by Michelle FlinchbaughMichelle is excited to be starting a new column focusing on digital scholarship.  Let’s help her out!

Being Earnest with Collections – p. 56
Improving Access to Electronic Collections Through Enhanced Staffing by Lori Duggan, Caitlin Lamb and Ruth LightThis outlines practical applications that may help Electronic resources units with requests for new staffing and return on investment.


Considering Games and Gamification in Libraries & Associated Entities – p. 58
Surely, You Can’t Be Serious: When Library Folk Go Game by Jared Alexander SeayJared returns, after a lengthy hiatus, to tell us about “part game, part theater, part team-building” in the world of games and gamification.

Library Analytics: Shaping the Future – p. 66
SAGE Publishing in the Age of Data by Kristen TepferSAGE has dedicated a team to curating and meaningful data in a visual report called the CVR, the Customer Value Report.


Charleston Conference 2018 – p. 8
Issues in Book and Serial AcquisitionCall for Papers, Ideas, Conference Themes, Panels, Debates, Diatribes, Speakers, Poster Sessions, Preconferences, etc.  Our 2018 theme is included here as well.

Charleston Comings and Goings – p. 73
News and Announcements for the Charleston Library Conference by Leah H. HindsCharleston Conference 2018.  Preconferences/Seminars: Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 5-6.  Vendor Showcase: Tuesday, Nov. 6. Main Conference: Wednesday-Friday, Nov. 7-9.


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