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Getting Technical Again – New Podcast Episode

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Getting Technical Again with Stacey Marien and Alayne Mundt – Listen Now!

In this episode we get to hear Katina Strauch’s weekly Rumors segment. Following Katina we hear three more articles from the series “Lets Get Technical” by ATG Column Editors Stacey Marien (Acquisitions Librarian, American University Library) and Alayne Mundt (Resource Description Librarian, American University Library) focusing on practical problems and solutions in Technical Services departments.

Columns covered are:

Let’s Get Technical – Moving Technical Services To An Offsite Space

Let’s Get Technical – A Technical Services Perspective On Taking On A Shared Retention Project, Part One

Let’s Get Technical – Piloting a DDA Program For Specific Subjects

This week’s Katina’s Rumors:

It was exciting to learn that the innovatively full of ideas, Alison Mudditt is leaving UCPress to take up the role of CEO of PLOS in San Francisco. Alison says this has not been an easy decision for her. She is still passionate about the critical mission and role of University of California Press (UC Press), now more than ever. For the past six years Mudditt served as Director where she ushered in new strategies to lead the company into the digital age, including the innovative journal and monograph Open Access programs Collabra and Luminos. The press has been through an incredible transformation over the past six years. The result is a Press that is smart, creative and entrepreneurial, ready for the continuous cycle of challenge and opportunity that is university press publishing.

The transformation hasn’t been easy, and over recent months Alison has decided that it’s time for new and fresh leadership to guide UCPress through the next phase. Obviously, there is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but the UC Press is in a good position, All the hard work of the past years is bearing fruit since the Press is seeing growth in traditional book and journal programs as well as rapid growth in new digital ventures. Over the past six years: not only has revenue grow revenues with consistent surpluses to reinvest but also wide-scale impact, the most important measure for any non-profit. Not only does UC’s award-winning program continue to shine a light on critical issues that move toward better solutions, but we are now recognized as a leader and innovator in scholarly publishing.

Alison is looking toward her own new beginning. The opportunity to lead the ground-breaking PLOS which has spearheaded a revolution in scientific communication was too tempting. Alison acknowledges that the OA market has evolved and matured. Her top priority will be charting what comes next for PLOS – how does it remain true to its mission and continue to push boundaries? Alison loves the public advocacy part of her work and is looking forward to expanding that at PLOS. No wonder PLOS is pleased to announce the appointment of Alison Mudditt as its Chief Executive Officer, effective June 19, 2017!

Prior to UC Press, Mudditt was Executive Vice President at SAGE Publications, Inc., leading publishing programs across books, journals and digital platforms. Her 25 plus years in the publishing industry include leadership positions at Blackwell Publishers in Oxford, UK, and Taylor & Francis Inc., in Philadelphia, US. Mudditt received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Bath and her Masters in Business Administration from The Open University. Congratulations, Alison! Looking forward to the next phases!

The Internet Archive was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 21st annual Webbys, hailed by the New York Times as “one of the Internet’s highest honors.” The Webby Awards lauded the Internet Archive for being “the web’s most knowledgeable historian.”

Perhaps the greatest honor of the evening came in the form of a video narrated by Open Knowledge champion, Lawrence Lessig. He said, “Creativity and innovation built on the past. The Internet Archive is the foundation preserving that past, so that perhaps, one can at least hope that our children and their children can shape a future that knows our joys and learns from our many mistakes.” The award was presented by Nancy Lublin, CEO of the Crisis Text Line and DoSomething.org, who pointed out that in this chaotic political year, the Internet Archive has saved “200 terabytes of government data that could have otherwise been lost in the transition from blue light saber to red light saber.”

The award reads:
Lifetime Achievement: Archive.org for its commitment to making the world’s knowledge available online and preserving the history of the Internet itself. With a vast collection of digitized materials and tools like the Wayback Machine, Archive.org has become a vital resource not only to catalogue an ever-changing medium, but to safeguard a free and open Internet for everyone.

And, listen up! Brewster Kahle, the founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive will be our keynote speaker at the 2017 Charleston Conference and the Conference thanks the indefatigable Ann Okerson for arranging this!




Got a nice note from the awesome David Worlock via Anthony Watkinson and Becky Lenzini about the publication of the latest volume of Liber Quarterly which marks the retirement of Pat Manson who has made a huge contribution to Library and Information work in Europe! Congratulations!


I understand that many of the Fiesole Retreat speakers have papers in the above-referenced issue of Liber Quarterly. I was so sorry to have to miss Fiesole in Lille which I heard from Leah Hinds and others was spectacular for content and tourism! There are several reports on Fiesole Lille in the June print issue of ATG which will be mailed shortly as well as posted on the ATGnewschannel. Leah’s report will be posted online shortly as well. Many of the papers from the Fiesole Retreat are loaded on the Casalini website.



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