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v28 #2 Profile: University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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Started as “Woman’s College”  •  Greensboro, NC  27402
Phone:  (336) 334-5880  •  <library@uncg.edu>

Staff:  32 library faculty, 53 staff, 25 students.

Budget:  $9,375,000

are you buying eBooks?  Yes, lots of electronic books and journals.  Focused on OER this year.

what do you think your library WILL be like in five years?  I like to envision the library as the information hub of the campus.  We know we will be storing more titles in the years to come as we make way for even more collaborative spaces for our students and providing additional services.

Departmental Information:

How many divisions are there in your department?  We have seven departments plus the Schiffman Music Library.

How many people work in your department?  There are ten people in the Administrative Suite.

What is your materials budget?  $3,606,000.


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