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v28 #2 April 2016 Table of Contents

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Rumors – p. 1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p. 6


The Business of Academic Bookselling … and Buying
Guest Editor, Bob Nardini

The Business of Academic Bookselling … and Buying – p. 1
by Bob Nardini — The business of publishing, aggregating, selling, and buying academic books is going through tectonic change, but at electronic speed.

by Rick Lugg — Is OCLC’s Sustainable Collection Services an example of what the next generation of intermediary might look like?
by Stephanie ChurchStephanie points out that libraries must prove their importance through usage data and paying attention to print and eBook preferences to “strengthen the story.”
by Carol Joyce Cramer — What would we do if there were no DDA?
What’s Next for Academic Publishing? – p. 22
by Alan Jarvis — Alan speculates that academic publishing has undergone more change in the past two years than in the past two hundred.  His contribution is a short course in today’s academic publishing business.
by Mark SandlerMark’s essay is about the future of the book.
The Sky Is Falling, But Not for the Reason You Think by Mark Y. HerringMark shares with us his opinion on the hysteria surrounding the Apple phone/FBI case.
Back Talk – p. 86
Adventures in Fine Reading by Jim O’DonnellJim is distressed at the quality of books and their production.
Charleston Conference 2016 – p. 8
Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition — Call for Papers, Ideas, Preconferences, Speakers, etc.


Rosann Bazirjian – p. 40
Dean of University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Chairman and Managing Director, Informatics (India) Limited
Blurring Lines – p. 47
The Chapter, Not the Book, as the Unit of Discovery: An Interview with Laura Brown of JSTOR by David Parker


Rosann Bazirjian – p. 42

UNC-Greensboro – p. 42

N V Sathyanarayana – p. 44

Informatics (India) Limited – p. 45



Advanced Astronomy Texts by Dianne Dietrich — Books we need to keep in our collections.
Book Reviews – p. 34
Monograph Musings by Regina Gong — Reviews of Strategic Human Resource Planning for Academic Libraries: Information, Technology and OrganizationMarketing the 21st Century Library: The Time is NowManaging Scientific and Research Data;  and many more.
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonTom reviews Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim WorldSAGE Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society;  and Salem Press’ Forensic Science.  Don’t miss Tom’s extra servings!
Booklover – p. 51
Not Nobel But Noteworthy by Donna JacobsDonna takes a turn down other literary roads.  Four books have recently caught the attention of this booklover.  Read on!


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Statutory Damages and Other Cool Stuff by Bruce StrauchTATTOO ART INCORPORATED V. TAT INTERNATIONAL LLC.
Questions and Answers p. 50
Copyright Column by Laura N. GasawayLolly provides answers to many relevant questions. This time one is even about Sci-Hub!


Bet You Missed It – p. 12
by Bruce Strauch — What do Beverly Cleary and small presses have in common?  Read it here!
Q and A with Jon Baumgarten by Myer KutzJon Baumgarten has been one of the country’s most esteemed intellectual property lawyers for decades.  A fascinating interview.
Wandering the Stacks by Leila Salisbury — The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has funded a project which is looking into the possibility of creating a discovery and access platform for university press humanities content.
Reports of MeetingsAPE 2016 reported by Anthony Watkinson and more reports from the 2015 Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters.
Why Don’t Public Librarians Brag More about One of Their Greatest Successes: Providing Pleasure Reading for Their Patrons?  Part Two — Comments from Public Librarians by Bob HolleyBob continues his examination on the importance of pleasure reading with comments from public librarians.
News and Announcements for the Charleston Library Conference by Leah Hinds — Keeping you updated on the 36th Annual Charleston Conference.
Data Sparks Discovery: The 2016 NFAIS Annual Conference by Donald T. HawkinsDon reports on the 58th NFAIS Annual Conference which took place in Philadelphia in February.


Conclusions from Consortial Demand-Driven eBook Pilot at the University of California by Allen McKiel and Jim Dooley — In the June 2014 issue of ATG this column reported on the first four months of the pilot.  In ATG’s December 2015-January 2016 issue Michael Zeoli quoted some statistics for the UC pilot from August 2014.  In the interest of providing a complete picture, this column will report the results of the full two years and discuss next steps.
HathiTrust Launches Its Shared Print Monograph Archive by Thomas H. Teper — Through the repository, HathiTrust stands poised to make further transformative impacts on the management of libraries and the mechanisms by which they provide services to their constituents.
Biz of Acq – p. 74
Implementing a Shelf-Ready Workflow at UMBC by Vicki Sipe, Lynda Aldana and Michelle Flinchbaugh — Implementing a shelf-ready program took much longer than expected so the benefits in terms of noticeable changes in workloads and workflows have been slow to materialize.
The Paper Chase: How One Library Tackled the Chaos of Media Ordering by Stacey Marien and Alayne Mundt — This is how this group dealt successfully with the madness and chaos of media ordering.
When Is A Trade Show Not A Trade Show? by Michael GruenbergMichael says it takes “two to tango” to make a good trade show.
The Importance of Reviewing Technical Services Operations to Promote Efficient Access and Enhanced Discoverability of Resources by Michael Arthur — This article provides some best practices that can be used to help make the workflow analysis project run smoothly with positive results that meet initial goals and objectives.
Laws that Affect the Life of Americans from Slavery to the 21st Century by Audrey Robinson-Nkongola — Websites regarding laws and cases that greatly impacted African American lives in the nineteenth century.


At the Only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis Brunning — Stuff is happening at the edges of what we do.
Decoder Ring – p. 79
Museum of Science Fiction Launches Scholarly Journal by Jerry Spiller
Factors in Integrating Mobile Library Technologies: A Focus Group Study in the United Arab Emirates by Sumayyah Alfaresi and Kate Hone
“Horses for Courses” by Michael P. Pelikan  — Okay, different devices for different applications.  That’s what it’s all about!
© Katina Strauch


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