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v27 #6 December 2015/January 2016 Table of Contents

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Rumors – p. 1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p. 6


Speak Up!  Communication between Academic Librarians and Scholarly
Content Providers — Guest Editor, Erin Gallagher

Speak Up!  Communication between Academic Librarians and Scholarly Content Providers – p. 1
by Erin Gallagher — In the spirit of cordial communication, these articles bring together the expertise of librarians, publishers, and vendors.

Why Libraries and University Presses Should Support One Another – p. 12
by Meredith Babb and Judith RussellMeredith and Judy have found many more shared values and interactions than confrontational turf wars.  So here in a nutshell is what they have learned – so far.

Vendor Relations Strategies for Libraries – p. 14
by Kirsten Ostergaard and Doralyn Rossmann — Check out their Vendor Relations Guidelines.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting Content and Service Providers at Your Library: A Few Tips for Your Next Meeting – p. 18
by Sarah ForzettingSarah has been on both sides of the library meeting table and she shares some of her do’s and don’ts with us.

Pushing the Vendor to Improve Customer Service – p. 20
by Stacey Marien and Bob Nardini — This article talks about the bumpy ride American University Library had in switching over to Coutts and the partnership that was forged between the AU staff and Coutts customer service department.

Cooperation is Key: How Publishers and Libraries are Working Together to Achieve Common Goals – p. 23
by Michael A. Arthur and Stacy Sieck — Read how working together toward a common goal leads to more communication and proactive involvement for both parties.

Stemming the Tide: The Role of Subscription Agents and Consortia in Library Communications – p. 24
by Lindsey Reno — Making more robust use of subscription agents and consortia would be more beneficial for all concerned, but some things need to change before this can be a reality.

Op Ed — Opinions and Editorials: Overcoming Inertia in Green Open Access Adoption – p. 46
by John G. Dove — How can the vast majority of scholarly articles make their way into an accessible place so that the mission of Open Access can be accomplished?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Realities of Flat Discounts – p. 48
by Howard N. Lesser — Is it standard practice for library consortiums and many libraries to ask for simple flat discounts?

Back Talk – p. 78
Following Ulysses on (the) Amazon by Jim O’Donnell — What book(s) did you take to College?  Can you find them now?


Franny Lee and Kurt Sanford – p. 26
Founder of SIPX and CEO of ProQuest

Don Beagle – p. 30
Library Director, Belmont Abbey College


Meredith M. Babb – p. 16

Stacey Marien – p. 22

Stacy V. Sieck – p. 24


Book Reviews – p. 33
Monograph Musings by Regina Gong — Reviews of Managing Your Brand; The Purpose-Based Library; New Routes to Library Success and much more.

Booklover – p. 37
Asturias by Donna Jacobs — “The Flight of the Zany” from Miguel Ángel Asturias’ El Señor Presidente is a perfect illustration of why Donna studies word craft.

From the Reference Desk – p. 38
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonTom reviews Issues in U.S. Immigration; Hispanic American Leadership and many more.

Collecting to the Core – p. 42
La Frontera: The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands by Roberto C. Delgadillo — Books we need to keep in our collections.

Academic E-Books: Publishers, Librarians, and Users – p. 44
A Review by Michael Zeoli — This review was included in the 2015 Charleston Conference attendee tote bags.  If you missed it, you can read it here.


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Legally Speaking – p. 49
Google Books: It Ain’t Over ’til the Librarian Sings by William HannayBill spoke on this topic at the 2015 Charleston Conference about Authors Guild et al. v. Google, Inc.

Cases of Note – p. 51
Register Your Copyright Without Delay by Bruce Strauch — This is about that oddity of the author having copyright when the work is fixed in a tangible medium but having to register before suit can be brought.

Questions and Answers – p. 52
Copyright Column by Laura N. Gasaway — As always, Lolly answers many intriguing questions.  Besides commenting on the recent Authors Guild Google case, she also tells us if graphic images are copyrighted.


The Scholarly Publishing Scene – p. 53
Necessary Balancing Acts by Myer Kutz — This is a fly on the wall essay about publishing executives, shareholders of for-profit publishing companies, maintaining quality content, and public perceptions.

Notes from Mosier – p. 54
The Silver Swan by Scott Alan SmithScott’s is a cautionary tale of understanding the business realities and challenges of librarians, publishers, serials agents, booksellers, and library automation vendors.

Optimizing Library Services – p. 55
Crystal Ball Gazing: Academic Library Services in the 21st Century by Denise A. Garofalo — A thoughtful look at how libraries are changing and will continue to change.

Random Ramblings – p. 58
Why Don’t Public Librarians Brag More about One of Their Greatest Successes: Providing Pleasure Reading for Their Patrons? by Bob HolleyBob points to the “Puritanical American prejudice against pleasure.”

And They Were There – p. 60
Reports of MeetingsAnthony Watkinson gives us a glimpse of the Frankfurt Book Fair and the final batch of reports from the 2014 Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters is here.

Don’s Conference Notes – p. 67
The Future of Discovery: A NISO Forum by Donald T. HawkinsDon reports on this NISO Forum which took place in October 2015.


Bet You Missed It – p. 10
by Bruce Strauch — What do dogs and bookstores have in common?  Read about it here!

Little Red Herrings – p. 45
Copy That? by Mark Y. HerringMark talks about the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in early October which said that Google’s book-scanning project is a-ok.

Let’s Get Technical – p. 57
Piloting a DDA Program for Specific Subjects by Stacey Marien and Alayne MundtSally Krash and Eric Wedig describe their experience with implementing this pilot program.

Oregon Trails – p. 64
Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Tom LeonhardtTom is packing up some of his print books but not for long.

Biz of Acq – p. 70
Training the New Acquisitions Technician: From New Hire to Competence by Michelle FlinchbaughMichelle shares an overview of her process, refined over time, with moving acquisitions new hires to competence.

Being Earnest With Collections – p. 75
Investing in Open Access at a Small Academic Library by Jonathan H.HarwellJonathan says if we’re going to be earnest in supporting the OA movement, we’re going to have to continue investing time and funding in OA resources.

Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians – p. 76
Negotiation Skills 101: Where Is That Course Given? by Michael GruenbergMike says that few library schools offer courses on negotiation.


Decoder Ring – p. 66
Reprints and Refrigerators in “The American Comic Book (Critical Insights)” by Jerry SpillerJerry recommends this Salem Press book to libraries looking for critical works in comics, film, or pop culture in general.

Pelikan’s Antidisambiguation – p. 73
Identity Literacy: Time to Teach it? by Michael P. PelikanMichael proposes the idea of Identity Literacy.

Graphic Recordings from the 2015 Charleston Conference – p. 74
by Leah HindsGreg Gersch created works of art from information presented at sessions.



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