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v27 #5 Accucoms International BV

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Nieuwe Energie, 3e Binnenvestgracht, 23R 2312 NR Leiden, The Netherlands
Phone:  +31-88-4100-400  •  Fax:  +31-88-4100-401

Affiliated companies:  Accucoms (US), Inc.

Officers:  Pinar Erzin, Founder and President.

Association memberships:  ALPSP, UKSG, and SSP.

Key products and services:  Sales, marketing, and customers services.

Core markets/clientele:  STM Publishers in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, India, South East Asia, South Korea.

Number of employees:  60

History and brief description of your company:  Incorporated in June 2004 offering telemarketing services for STM publishers.  Quickly grown to offer dedicated/outsourced field sales and marketing services helping publishers maintain and grow their businesses in different markets around the world.  Owned by Swets Information Services between August 2011 and September 2014.  Fully independent and owned by its management since November 2014.



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