v27 #3 Publisher Profile: Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)

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ciclogoChampaign, IL


Officers:  Barbara McFadden Allen is the Executive Director of the CIC, and the fifteen CIC University Provosts serve as our Board.

Parent/Affiliated organizations:  The CIC enjoys a positive working relationship with the Big Ten Athletic Conference (headquartered in Chicago), in which fourteen of our fifteen CIC members participate.

Number of employees:  24

Core mission:  Create the most responsive and effective framework for academic collaboration in higher education.

Key project(s):  CIC collaborative initiatives cover a wide range of campus interests and activities, including — but definitely not limited to — coordinating course sharing; managing significant research grants on traumatic brain injury, health disparities, tracing the economic impact of CIC university research, and post-doctoral fellowships in the humanities;  coordinating study abroad opportunities;  managing a high-speed fiber network for data transmission among our universities;  providing secure access to our university computing systems;  procurement;  and much more.

As part of this larger set of cooperative activities, the Center for Library Initiatives supports the collaborative ambitions of our member campus research libraries.  Our key projects include cooperative mass digitization (including government documents), collective digital storage (HathiTrust), content licensing, collective investments in large-scale acquisitions, resource sharing, shared print storage of journal backfiles;  developing a unified portal for geospatial data, an annual conference for CIC librarians, and several initiatives in the broad domain of “scholarly communication.”  To keep the ship afloat, we’re lucky to have our Deputy Director Kim Armstrong overseeing all aspects of these programs, Rebecca Crist managing the Shared Print Repository initiative, and Susanne Garrison serving as our Office Administrator.

Main constituencies:  The CIC is Provost funded and Provost led, but other key stakeholder groups choose to make significant investments in collaboration each year.  These key stakeholder groups include the University Librarians, the Chief Information Officers, Deans of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School Deans, and Senior International Officers, all of whom contribute funding to support CIC staff members.

History and brief description of your organization:  The CIC was founded in 1958, and is probably the oldest, largest, and we think most successful, voluntary academic consortium.

Anything else that you think would be of interest to our readers?  No, I’m pretty sure I’ve exceeded their level of interest by now.



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