v27 #3 Profiles Encouraged: Mark Sandler

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photo_mark_sandlerDirector, CIC Center for Library Initiatives
Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)
<[email protected]>

Born & lived:  Born and grew up in NYC (Queens).  Attended City College of New York.

Early life:  Was a long time ago.

Education:  Ph.D. in Sociology from Michigan State University;  MLS from University of Michigan.

Family:  My wife Claire runs a very successful instructional support unit at the University of Michigan (the Science Learning Center) which provides peer led study groups and tutoring to over 3,500 students per semester.

Professional career and activities:  Worked for twenty years in a variety of collections related positions at the University of Michigan, the last being Chief Collection Development Officer.  Some good things happened at Michigan during my time there — JSTOR was founded there;  we created a lot of SGML (and eventually XML) encoded texts, and the systems to read them;  the Making of America Project was an early mass digitization initiative;  we spent two years in secret conversations with Google before the Google Print partnership was finally announced in 2004;  the Text Creation Partnership was initiated by — and hosted at — Michigan;  the Scholarly Publishing Office came to fruition and reported through Collections.  Lots of good people and digital library energy during my years at Michigan.

In my spare time I like:  To write profiles about myself.

Favorite books:  American Pastoral (Roth);  Ragtime (Doctorow);  Something Happened (Heller);  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Thompson);  A Fine Balance (Mistry);  White Noise (DeLillo);  The Signal and the Noise (Silver).

Pet peeves/what makes me mad:  Boring presenters;  eBook ILL;  Kansas.

Philosophy:  I was an undergraduate philosophy major — this should be easy.  Um… um… The peloton always catches a lone rider (except when it doesn’t).


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