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v27 #2 April 2015 Table of Contents

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Rumors- p. 1
From Your Editor- p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p.6


The Disappearing [print] Stacks
Guest Editor, Audrey Powers

No Books, but Everything Else – p. 1
by Audrey Powers — This issue has several articles and opinion pieces about the disappearance of print materials from academic library collections.

Books Do Furnish a Room – p. 16
by Ann OkersonAnn takes issue with the Slate article which led to this series of thoughts and opinions.

A Case for the Use of Collection Analysis Tools in Deselection – p. 16
by Cris FergusonCris advocates use of collection analysis tools to speed up the deselection process.

Disappearing Stacks? What is Appropriate is Still the Issue – p. 19
by Jack MontgomeryJack advocates focusing on five areas that he believes are important for managers in making deselection decisions.

Update on the Welch Medical Library – p. 22
by Sue Woodson and Blair Anton — At the 2010 Charleston Conference, attendees heard about Welsh’s journey to an online collection. Here is a brief update five years later.

The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago – p. 22
by Andrea Twiss-Brooks — “Mass digitization leads users to collections;  it does not take their place.”  This is a quote from Judith Nadler, the previous library director at the University of Chicago.

Remote Storage and Pritzker Legal Research Center – Figuring Out How to Do More with Less – p. 23
by Eric C. Parker and Maribel Hilo Nash  — Contains some nitty gritty specifics about preparing weekly shipments for storage.

Galter Library’s Disappearing Stacks – p. 24
by Heidi Nickisch Duggan, Mark Berendsen, and Mary Anne Zmaczynski — This group kept fewer than 20,000 volumes in the print collection.

Op Ed — Defined by Form – p. 26
by Michael P. PelikanMichael talks about the Apple Watch, wearable devices, and if network administrators will be able to keep networks up and running if these devices become ubiquitous

Back Talk – p. 78
A Librarian Is Not Like A Bat by Jim O’DonnellJim thinks that he will need librarians now more than ever.


Heather Joseph – p. 35
Executive Director, SPARC

Jody Plank – p. 38
Product Manager, Research Square

Blurring Lines -p. 41
An Interview with Jon Cawthorne, Dean of Libraries at West Virginia University


Establishing a State-Level Open-Access Journal: The Case of South Carolina Libraries – p. 46
by Rachel Elrod and Brent Appling — This article provides information on the benefits and challenges faced during the creation of a state-level, open-access journal.


Collecting to the Core – p. 27
Classic Ethnographies by Janet L. Steins — Books we need to keep in our collections.

Book Reviews– p. 30
Monographic Musings by Deb Vaughn — This month, consider the evolution of library services and city planning.

From the Reference Desk -p. 31
Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonTom reviews Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance and many more.

Booklover – p. 34
Freedom of Speech by Donna JacobsDonna has been reading Suspended Sentences: Three novellas and contemplating Modiano and the Charlie Hebdo shooting.


A People’s Palace, Ring the Changes – p. 66
by Rita Ricketts — This is an account of the opening of the Weston Library (once known as the New Bodleian) which is open to all.


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note – p. 44
Copyright Preempts Invasion of Privacy by Bruce StrauchDebra Laws vs. Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., dba Epic Records.

Questions and Answers – p.45
Copyright Column by Laura N. GasawayLolly answers many intriguing questions.  One is about defining electronic materials.


Optimizing Library Services– p. 49
Academic Libraries in the 21st Century: Adapting Services to Fit Digital Resources by Jennifer Joe — Discusses services and resources that academic libraries should be offering as the 21st century progresses.

The Scholarly Publishing Scene – p. 51
Professional, Scholarly and Other Magazines by Myer Kutz Myer takes many magazines, most in print.

Random Ramblings – p. 52
Rational Individual Decisions that Lead to Irrational Global Consequences by Bob Holley Bob says that when making rational individual decisions one shouldn’t worry about diffuse global consequences.

And They Were There – p. 54
Reports of Meetings — The second installment of 2014 Charleston Conference reports by Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters.

Don’s Conference Notes – p. 59
by Donald T. Hawkins — In this issue Don reports on two meetings, Data Infrastructure: The Importance of Quality and Integrity – A CENDI/NFAIS Workshop and Charleston Seminar – Being Earnest With Our Collections: Determining Key Challenges and Best Practices.


Collection Management Matters -p. 12
The Database Dance: Waltzing with a Big Budget Cut by Glenda AlvinGlenda elucidates the three components she finds necessary in evaluating databases.

Bet You Missed It – p. 12
by Bruce Strauch — What do coloring books and ghastly tales have in common?  Read about it here!

Notes from Mosier – p. 43
Now on to Bridgeton by Steven Chase and Scott Alan Smith — Do we have “authentic academic vendors” these days?

Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians – p. 64
Pssst… I’ve Got an Offer for Your Library That You Can’t Refuse. by Michael Gruenberg — Some questions that have been asked at meetings, complete with responses.

Being Earnest With Collections – p. 67
A Look Back at the First Charleston Seminar by Michael A. Arthur — Finding answers to questions about the future of collection development was the focus.

Biz of Acq – p. 69
Cooperative Collection Development Among Michigan’s Public Universities by Joe Badics — Read about Michigan’s approach to cooperative acquisitions, very different from Maryland’s.

Little Red Herrings – p. 71
The Moving Finger…Blinks, and Having Blinked, Blinks On by Mark Y. Herring — Citing a recent article by Michael S. Rosenwals, Mark asserts that no one prefers online reading when reading difficult text.

Curating Collective Collections – p. 72
Double Dipping Using Digitization Workflows to Acquire Print Preservation Data by Amy Wood — A flexible format for capturing individual elements of data in separate fields is the focus of this article.

Let’s Get Technical – p.  76
Working Together to Move Titles to Off-Site Storage by Stacey Marien and Alayne MundtAllison and Alayne tell us how they moved 100,000 items from from the stacks to  offsite storage.


Wandering the Web – p. 8
African American Vietnam Veterans by Audrey Robinson-Nkongola

Decoder Ring – p. 70
A Look Back at John Allison’s Bobbins by Jerry Spiller

Pelikan’s Antidisambiguation – p.75
Editions, Tweaks, and User Preferences by Michael P. Pelikan

@Brunning: People & Technology – p. 62
At the Only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis Brunning



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