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v27 #1 February 2015 Table of Contents

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Rumors – p. 1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p. 6


Reading in a Digital Age:  Issues and Opportunities — Part One
Guest Editor, Tony Horava

Reading in a Digital Age: Issues and Opportunities — Part One – p. 1
by Tony Horava — There is no doubt that the form and experience of reading is undergoing a fundamental revolution.  Read about it here.

Reading in Context, Reading for Sense: A Call for Contextual Intention and Attention – p. 14
by Margaret Warner and Jonelle Seitz — We are working within an increasingly disintermediated and fragmented environment, and we must continually reflect on our purpose and place within the ecosystem.

New Literacies in Developmental Education – p. 20
by Larina Warnock — The invention of digital media has created a demand for citizens who can analyze, synthesize, and reinvent information to move us toward a better world.

Reading, Writing, and the Library:  A Perfect Integration For Students Today – p. 25
by Davonna Thomas — Expect new faces or bewildered students in the library.  Developmental reading and writing instruction is undergoing a shift.

Reading Trends and College-Age Students:  The Research, the Issues, and the Role of Libraries – p. 28
by Pauline Dewan — This article explores the actual state of reading on our college campuses and why reading is important for students.

Time for Reflection?:  Digital Text and the Emerging Paper Divide – p. 32
by Barry CullBarry asserts that much has been written about the digital divide, but he is equally concerned about the paper divide.

Op Ed — IMHBCO (In My Humble But Correct Opinion) – p. 42
Free Access and Free Riders: The Emerging Problem by Rick AndersonRick talks about several emerging initiatives which rely on contributions from third-party organizations, especially libraries.

Back Talk – p. 86
Licenses: Where e-Resources Become Real for Library Users by Ann Okerson — This one’s about the LMLA (Liblicense Model License released in November 2014) which is designed as a community tool.

Obituary — Gerald “Jerry” Curtis – p. 24
by N. Bernard “Buzzy” Basch


Takashi Yamakawa – p. 43
Chairman, USACO Corporation

Olivia Humphrey – p. 48
Founder and CEO, Kanopy


Takashi Yamakawa – p. 46

Olivia Humphrey – p. 49

Vendor Profile – USACO Corp – p. 41

Publisher Profile – Kanopy – p. 50


Academic Library Survey on eBooks and eBook Readers – p. 60
by Amada Melcher — While this is a limited survey that is not generalizable, it does point out the need for eBooks in a moderately-sized academic library’s collection development approach.


From the Reference Desk – p. 35
Reviews of Reference TitlesbyTom GilsonTom reviews Dirty Deals: An Encyclopedia of Lobbying, Political Influence, and Corruption; The 1930s, part of the Defining Documents in American History series;  and many others.

Book Reviews – p. 37
Monographic Musings by Deb Vaughn — This month, consider tough problems that libraries face through the lenses of Machiavelli.

Collecting to the Core – p. 39
Malcolm X by Timothy V. Johnson — Books we need to keep in our collections.

A Website Review– p. 40
The World Bank eLibrary by Brandon James Lewter — With the growing trend of libraries shifting from print to electronic materials, this Websiteis proving to be a comprehensive and invaluable electronic tool for its subscribers.


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright– p. 52
State Jurisdiction for Contract Dispute or Federal for Copyright? by Bruce Strauch — Is it state versus federal or contract versus copyright?

Questions and Answers – p. 53
Copyright Column byLaura N. Gasaway — As always, Lolly answers many intriguing questions.  This time, one is about reproducing music from YouTube for use in class, and another on uses covered by a CCC license, and even more on posting publisher-produced powerpoint slides online.


From a University Press – p. 58
What’s Working? by Leila W. SalisburyLeila reminds us that “one size fits all” thinking about content and its access and use is insufficient.

The Scholarly Publishing Scene – p. 65
Heavy Lifting Out in the Cold by Myer Kutz Myer is talking about the PROSE awards and the number of books that were submitted by publishers.  He says that form exceeds function in the case of print versions of some of these massive sets.

Optimizing Library Services – p. 66
Location, Location, Location … Libraries Offer Prime Community Spaces by Dr. Abigail G. Scheg — A unique perspective on the challenges for academic libraries and faculty members to make the library the best education space for students.

And They  Were There – p. 75
Reports of Meetings — The first installment of 2014 Charleston Conference reports by Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters is finally here.  Also included is a report from John Riley on the HELIN 2015 annual conference.

Don’s Conference Notes – p. 79
by Donald T. Hawkins — In this issue Don reports on two meetings, Video As a Scholarly Content Format: An NFAIS Virtual Seminar; and The Next Generation of Discovery Services: Where Are They Headed? – An NFAIS Workshop.  And we have more reports from Don to publish, so keep reading your issues of Against the Grain.


Notes from Mosier – p. 8
The Road to Sustainability by Scott Alan SmithScott bids goodbye to his library at Langlois with optimism for the new library director at Curry Public Library.  He plans to explore the current state of book vendors next.  

Bet You Missed It – p. 10
by Bruce Strauch — What do the North Carolina Tarheels and Winston Churchill have in common?  Read about it here!

Biz of Acq – p. 55
Managing eBooks from Multiple Vendors by Robin Moskal and Lynda AldanaUMBC  has done experimentation DDA models from EBSCO, EBL, and ebrary.  There is still a learning curve with eBooks but use seems to be increasing.

Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians – p. 68
Is That A Meeting Anyone Really Wants to Attend? by Michael Gruenberg — How should you respond to a request for a meeting from a vendor or publisher when you don’t have any need for such a meeting?

Curating Collective Collections – p. 70
Silvaculture in the Stacks, or, Lessons From another Conservation Movement by Jacob Nadal — This is a set of suggestions about shared print collections.

Little Red Herrings – p. 72
Charlie Hebdo and the Moral Equivalence Fallacy by Mark Y. Herring — The tragedy of Charlie Hebdo in Paris kicked off what Mark hopes is not a harbinger of 2015 things to come.

Blurring Lines – p. 72
Libraries and Video: Measuring ROI … Really, how? by David Parker — Can impact and value be measured by ROI?

Oregon Trails – p. 74
Bookends by Tom LeonhardtTom explores pairs of books and their similarities.  At the same time, he encounters a reader without an e-reading device.


@Brunning: People & Technology – p. 54
At the Only Edge that Means Anything/How We Understand What We Do by Dennis Brunning — This time Dennis is talking about “as ifs…” but the most interesting part of his column is almost like a book review of University of Chicago’s recent book, Digital Paper by Andrew Abbott.


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