v25 #5 Core Competencies of Electronic Resources Librarians Adopted as NASIG Policy

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The NASIG Board approved and adopted “Core Competencies of Electronic Resources Librarians” as NASIG policy at their June 2013 meeting in Buffalo, New York.

Sarah Sutton, former chair of the Core Competencies Task Force (CCTF), notes that she and the CCTF have high hopes that both library and information professionals and LIS educators will find the document a valuable resource upon which to base their work.  Sarah writes, “I am so gratified that many practitioners have already used the draft document, which circulated in the professional community over the past few months.  It has sparked much interest and use, as evidenced by the wonderful sessions at the recent NASIG Annual Conference.  I think the document supports NASIG’s Vision to promote dialogue and professional growth, to provide learning opportunities, to advocate for its constituents, to challenge assumptions and traditions, and to take a leadership role in the information environment.”

“Core Competencies of Electronic Resources Librarians” is available in the Continuing Education section of the NASIG Website, http://www.nasig.org.

Sanjeet Mann and Sarah Sutton for the Core Competencies Task Force.


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